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Letter to Donnell

By Charlene ACPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
image by @paguimo

Sometimes, life gives you a hand while sitting at the blackjack table that makes you look down and say this is some bullshit. It leads you into a deep depression and makes you feel like all has is lost. Now you just lost your life fortune on one dumb-ass hand that could have changed your life. However, at that moment, that lousy hand was creating a path to a different life, and you didn’t realize it.

Often we are so deep in the muck that we don’t realize that muck has pulled us from what wasn’t good for us. I didn’t understand what was happening. I was so busy asking why and really, my why me was leading me back to you. I dated other guys who were no better than the last guy. They all seemed to be users and looking for a come-up at my expense. I got tired of being last on their list and not getting attention. It all just left me hollow and left me feeling less than a woman. I felt myself slowly slipping away from what love felt like. The drama left a hole in my heart that needed to be filled by someone genuine.

It had to be fate that led me back to that dating site where we first met and were reunited for a second time. Who would have known we both were looking for love again? Atlanta is big place, but somehow the universe led me back to you. I was so excited and thrilled. I looked down at my phone and was like, naw; this can’t be holy crickets, Batman, it’s really him.

All those years of stalking you on Facebook, wondering if you still lived in the exact location. I was wondering if you were down for having an affair? So many questions, but you were nowhere to be found until the time was right. On November 6, 2021, the time was right. The universe was giving me a second chance at your heart. I didn’t realize what I had lost until you had come back into my life. You brought stability and a sense of love that I had been missing.

I felt the love we had lost, and our love for each other was still there. There’s no faking it; we just fell right back in stride with each other. Those moments of long, endless talks about any and everything. To those looks that don’t have words, but we laugh because we knew what the other was thinking. To the passionate lovemaking, the way you touch my body, and how she responded to you let me know it was you that I needed all along.

I am sorry for being childish and not handling all that you were going through. I never meant to cause you pain, but I was dealing with my pain. Now that I have you back in my life and by my side, I am super excited. It feels so good to me to be back with you. To give you all my trust and love. To provide you with the best of me and never feel like you will use it to your advantage. Makes me fall in love with you even more. I am willing to take it one day at a time and fall in love with you repeatedly. It feels good to be in love and be loved in return.

I want to complete you and have you complete me. I want to be that shoulder you cry on, the person you can be vulnerable with. The person you walk along the beach with and watch the sunrise and go down. I know plans never go the way we want, but I am asking God, our ancestors, and the universe for their blessings to be a blessing to you and you to me.

To allow us to be together through good times and bad, in sickness and health. To be each other sunny day; My prayer is that we stay on this journey together and grow and mature in love. In a relationship that can never be broken. Thank you for saving my soul and letting her know that she is worthy of being loved by a good man.

Your girl,



About the Creator

Charlene AC

Charlene was born and raised in South Carolina she holds a BBA degree. Her passion for writing started as a way to express herself. She gives her take on relationships, her personal trials and fantasies.

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