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What's In A Ring?

by Leah Ella 11 months ago in single

New Year, New Ring

My Ring- citrine and black spinel gemstones

They say that "good things come to those who wait." I say, "for what?" I could write an entire article about my lack of patience but today I would like to write about the fact that I've been waiting for my ring to get here since December 23rd. Not only did my ring miss Christmas but it's said date of arrival is today, the 28th. The first, new shipping date of arrival was the 26th, the day after Christmas, I could live with that. Today when I checked tracking, the status was, "in transit" not "out for delivery" so now... I'm done waiting.

Since I'm all for synchronicity, I listened to a short and direct video from Dr. Ramani, who I often refer to on all topics regarding narcs. Well, today she said that everyone, whether you're an introvert or extrovert (me being the latter) needs to learn how to be alone. She said that was something that 2020 taught her, how to enjoy her own company as a proud introvert. She also said that loneliness is now a public health crisis. Dealing with my loneliness and my patience, well, you see how that could go hand in hand right? I lived with a house of 26 people last year, I know, you're probably thinking, "that's crazy" but it happens and it did. It was a great experience and maybe I'll write about it sometime. Back to my ring, my ring is a token of my commitment to enjoy being alone for one year! Dr. Ramani, clinical psychologist, said that, after leaving a relationship that has left you depleted and confused, you should commit to a year of being single. That was her recommendation and I was so glad to hear it today, since I decided to do so two weeks ago! Synchronicity. Now, the only thing I need is my ring! I'm only trying to change my life here!

Did I tell you that it's raining outside? I can hear it, oh, and hi thunder, I thought you died, but here you are again. Rain is a rare occasion here in SoCal but even more rare, as in never, we also had a thunder and lightning storm last night that has apparently decided to stick around all day. Repeats to self, "good things come to those who wait" 50 million times... Definitely explains why my order is "in transit" and not "out for delivery..." You know what I did when I first learned that my ring would be delayed? I wrote a poem about it, it's entitled, My Ring. Read it below; it will also answer the question, "What's in a ring?"

"My Ring"

I knew you were the one for me, Now I sit here waiting impatiently. FedEx said you'd be here by 12/23, Now it's looking like a mystery. Maybe Saturday will be our fateful day, I can't take another shipping delay. You were brilliant when I saw you. The others paled into insignificance the moment I laid eyes on you. You stood erect, As if your majesty the Queen herself was fit to wear you. I gazed down at my empty hand, envisioning your beaming light. Yellow like the sun, We will become One. The wonder beyond all doubt of what you may become. Uncertainty blinds even the depths of me. Are you real? Am I worthy? Black spinel stones engulf you, The perfect paradigm. What I need is clarity. I set a new intention under the Scorpio moon, To dig deep and uncover. I didn't know your power. Popped onto my phone screen Glitzy Rocks, What did it mean? Your description did you no justice, The instantaneous decision. The feeling of relief, The ingratiating joy. Finding you was worth the two sleepless nights, Trying to order you in time for Christmas. The desperate and frantic search was finally over. I sigh and breathe you in, All at the same time. You're mine. I got two notifications of your delayed arrival, It breaks my heart each time. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and I look forward to the day I no longer... Have to ask, When is my ring getting here? Today, tomorrow, I wait in sorrow.

Ok, that's about as far as I got with that poem. It definitely took away the impatience and turned it into anticipation. I like anticipation, maybe they should say, "anticipation of good things, makes the wait worthwhile" (and don't forget to smile) Now I said it, so, feel free to quote me and share this fun article while you're at it. As far as what's in a ring? I can't tell you how brides feel when they are surprised by the ring they chose for their fiancé to surprise them with, but, in my experience, I feel an overwhelming sense of empowerment and freedom. Freedom from committing to everyone and everything but me. Oh, please get here ring, I can't wait to celebrate my commitment to celibacy!


Leah Ella

Caribbean-American(she/her)+Actor+Life Coach student. I value quality over quantity, simplicity over complexity but the perplexicity of life shows that the proof is in the numbers. Provoking thought and creating change, one story at a time.

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Leah Ella
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