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What Is True Love?

The Many Different Perspectives

By Vince ShifflettPublished 4 years ago 2 min read

What exactly is true love? Is it open to interpretation by each individual or is there only one definite definition for true love? There are of course many different types of love such as friendship love, romantic love, agape love, Eros, and the love you have for your family. Love is something I seek out, fall into, and fall out of.

I love you.

Is it something I feel, say, or both? Do I feel it every time I say it or are they just routine words that roll off my tongue because I’ve been saying them to him/her for a while now?

Basic essential ideology for True Love to exist from my perspective.

  • It is never our place to tell another what they can and cannot do. I am your lover, friend, companion, or whatever the relationship is. I am not your parent.
  • True love is Unconditional. To me unconditional love is defined as full acceptance of another without trying to change ANYTHING about them. Unconditional love sets no expectations or limitations.
  • No shoulda, coulda, woulda’s. A good rule of thumb is, Don’t you should on me and I won’t should on you. A little play on words but you get the point.
  • Allowing. True love is allowing the people in my life to be who they are. It is not important for me to understand them or give them my permission. We are each responsible for our own happiness and wellbeing. That will look different for each of us. Just love and allow even though they may be totally different from you in many ways.
  • Communication. Good fun, meaningful, stimulating, intellectual conversation is vital. When the good sex is over, what’s left? The number one thing I am attracted to in another is intelligence. I find it not only sexy but an absolute necessity for me. Being able to look in one another’s eyes and have a great conversation over dinner is priceless and trumps everything else for me. I have often said, “the contents are much more important than the package.”

I refer back to the ideology above when I am dating someone or just in my relationships in general. Am I trying to change them? That is not true love. Am I allowing them to be exactly who they are and does who they are work for me? Do I feel the need to tell them what they can and cannot do? Am I enjoying the conversation?

I have learned that it is possible to have strong intense feelings for someone but not necessarily be in love with them. Examining your feelings and thoughts are essential for optimal happiness and for finding Mr. Right.

Having the courage to ask myself the important questions, then listen to the answers has been challenging for me in the past. As I have grown older, I am realizing the importance of thinking about my basic essential ideology for true love and my personal definition of true love. What is going to work for me? What it is that I want out of a relationship and am I getting it? If not, I must listen to the answers and move on.

What is your definition of true love? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time,

Much love to you!



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Vince Shifflett

I am a Registered Nurse and Writer. Writing is my passion. I have been consistently writing a blog on my website at for 3 years. I would be humbled and grateful for your support and feedback.

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