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What Is the “Karmic Relationship” and What Do You Learn From It

by Bryan Stormyweather 11 days ago in list

Are you in a relationship that tests your limits? It could be a higher meaning!

What Is the “Karmic Relationship” and What Do You Learn From It
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Surely you have heard of karmic relationships; those relationships that take you out of your comfort zone, cause you to grow, and the journey is not easy at all.

Of course, a karmic relationship should not be confused with a toxic relaxation. Are you confused? Let's find out more!

What is a karmic relationship?

It is said that during life on Earth, each of us has at least one such relationship. Without exception, these relationships are tumultuous. It involves a lot of passion, but also many difficult moments, in which you are put in not at all comfortable situations, which you have to overcome.

The purpose of these relationships is to teach you quickly-before some lessons regarding the chapter of love and relationships in this life. It is even said that partners make a pact before they are born in human form, a pact that presupposes that they will meet to help them evolve.

Most of the time, karmic relationships are temporary. Precisely because they are difficult and fiery, they cannot last forever.

What is the difference between karmic relationships and toxic relationships?

Unlike toxic relationships, karmic relationships make you feel evolving. In a troubled and accelerated way, but the evolution is clear. Instead, a toxic relationship comes with all the agitation and unpleasant feelings, but you will not feel that it contributes in any way. On the contrary!

Therefore, it is important to differentiate between the two and not to remain in toxic relationships from the conviction that you are in a karmic relationship useful and necessary for your growth.

Here are 5 signs that you are in a karmic relationship!

1. It all started with an instant connection

If you wrote your partner a romantic message like "I've always known you" or you just thought that this person seems extremely familiar, even though you just met her, it's very possible that it's a karmic relationship. . Maybe your souls really knew each other for a long time, before the bodies intersected.

2. There is a lot of drama

Your relationship is intense. You quarrel, you reconcile, you have complex and difficult discussions. You often feel misunderstood, your ideas and perspectives are challenged. Frustration is also part of the equation.

Only 5% of people have this type of personality - are you among them?

3. The presence of the partner is difficult to define

From the first phases of the relationship, things seem a little strange. You are attracted to this person like a magnet and you have the feeling that it causes you addiction. However, you also have the feeling that you are suffocating around him and that you cannot relax. At the same time, you don't even want to leave.

4. The relationship has a lot of repetitive ups and downs

Karmic relationships feel like a rollercoaster. There is no sense of consistency, but rather extraordinary days followed by terrible days, then again beautiful days. Moreover, the misunderstandings or problems that arise in this relationship are repetitive and make you discover where you really have to work with yourself.

5. All your fears are put under a microscope

Most of the time, the karmic relationship brings all your fears to the surface and pushes you to look them in the eye. Whether it is the fear of abandonment, criticism and judgment or conflict, all fears are put on the table, and you are forced to face them.

Remember that a karmic relationship can easily become a toxic relationship. So, even if the connection is strong and you feel that you are evolving, it never stays in the long run in a context that does not make you feel respected, loved and protected.


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