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What I Am Thankful About (For Each Number)

by Cherish 2 months ago in humanity

In honor of Thanksgiving, here's what I'm thankful about for each Enneagram number.

What I Am Thankful About (For Each Number)

On November 26th this year, you'll likely be seated around a table (with whichever number of people is appropriate ATM) feasting on comfort foods with your family. Family members who, I need not remind you, have various personality types. It can be catastrophic at times and it can be beautiful. As you pass around the stuffing, remember: every enneagram number has their unique strengths. I am choosing to be appreciative of the differences. In honor of Thanksgiving, here is why I am thankful for each personality!

To my ONE friends, I am thankful for...

...your objectivity. You see people and situations clearly as they are; without complicating them or clouding them in emotion. You make decisions from your gut rather than your heart. I wish I could be as rational as you.

To my fellow TWO'S, I am thankful for... you are genuinely curious about me. You are the first to ask me about my day and whether I need anything or not. I can't hide my feelings from your intuition, and I'm grateful for your care.

To my THREE friends, I am thankful for... you laugh at my jokes even though they aren't funny. You really know how to hype me up (and everyone else around you for that matter). I wish I was as fearless and determined as you are.

To my FOUR friends, I am thankful for... you challenge me to care less about what people think about me. You are unabashedly you and it’s both refreshing AND hilarious! I wish I could be fiercely myself the way you are.

To my FIVE friends, I am thankful for...

...your patience and trust. You rarely get frazzled or micromanage others...probably because there's nothing you can't fix! It makes me feel confident and supported. I wish I could stay calm and collected in stressful situations like you do.

To my SIX friends, I am thankful for...

...the fact that you always have my back. I never have to wonder where your loyalty lies. I know that no matter how much time has passed, things will pick up right where they left off between us. I wish I was as thoughtful and dedicated as you.

To my SEVEN’s, I am thankful for...

...your adaptability and how you push me out of my comfort zone. You really know how to seize every opportunity and adapt to last-minute plans! Your bravery makes me want to be brave too.

To my EIGHT'S, I am thankful for...

...your honesty and how you stand up for me. I like that we can be upfront with each other and then move on. You're not the type to hold a grudge or a secret disliking, and it makes me trust you. You affirm me by standing up for me when I feel my thoughts or contributions do not matter.

To my NINE'S, I am thankful for... you challenge me to find the good in others. You always seem to see all sides of an issue and remind me that it’s not personal! This helps me maintain an overall more positive mindset about the people in my life and reminds me to practice empathy.

What do you love about your friends' types? Have you told them lately? When we focus on the unique contributions of those with different personalities from us rather than what we might think they lack, we are making the choice to be grateful instead of competitive or insecure. If I could say something to EVERY type it would be to KEEP BEING YOU! I love you for it, and I bet I'm not the only one! This world truly needs what you have to offer.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

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