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by Tim Boxer about a year ago in humanity · updated 10 months ago
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Why this live song video wrecks me

I’ve been trying to work out why the first six or seven times I watched this video it reduced me to a blubbering mess. Each time I felt it penetrating into something largely untapped but desperate, in my soul, and I think it is this: to see my own generation defying how we are commonly identified (as narcissists), and leading *each other* in an act of abandon to Yahweh.

I’m tired of my generation being exemplified by the self-centred, self-identifying, self-made life as if that is something to celebrate. So what a relief to see my peers passionately gathering around something else - that is always going to capture my attention. It is soothing, reviving. And I'm reminded: The Creator can capture the attention of any generation.

I’m desperate to see and be part of a movement that revolves around this Higher Power. For me, this video is a sneek peek into what's possible and I love the breadth of humanity represented and unified through their common worship of Something Greater rather than the common worship of Our Own Cause, or even each other.

Yes, they are all beautiful and sing like angels - and that helps.

But, the point is, there are millions of videos with beautiful people singing like angels which wear out, they fade away, because despite their creative brilliance they are ultimately self-absorbed. The focus and attention ends up back on themselves or another person or part of humanity which is an inferior object of worship.

Toward the end of the video, these words are sung: “Culture may try to push me prematurely, but I’m going to wait”.

Another great relief! We're allowed to wait? We don't have to act on every impulse, as if our feelings define precisely who we are? Thank God!

And then this: “While I’m waiting, I’ll be praising. I’ll be worshipping. Why complain, when you can pray? It’s not about just waiting, it’s about what you do when you’re waiting.”

Oh and something else: I love how those leading give way to each other and enjoy each other. Watch it, and you'll see what I mean. It's something that can happen most easily when your common pursuit is no longer just about yourself or your now have scope to give be allow others to rise up.

A culture where leaders give way to each other? And enjoy each other's unique gift? Yes please!

I want to see us millenials restored to a common acknowledgement that our best purpose comes when we gather around The Creator Himself. That ultimate pursuit is wired into my generation (by design), but sometimes It feels like it’s being hijacked by a deceiver who‘s casting a wintry mist over our courage and devotion and instead dangling a pathetic carrot of self satisfaction and independence.

Let us throw it off (it’s only a mist and a carrot - it’s not real!) and return to our true purpose; to the great commission of following Yahweh in great love, great obedience and great devotion, against all the odds, and against all of culture that screams over and over, “Give Up”.

You and I may not have the voice of an angel or be especially beautiful; we may not have a group of one hundred other millennials to gather and worship together; but we do all have the potential to change our life focus to revolve around Someone Else and whenever possible to embrace the privilege of doing this with others. This is the great pursuit we were born for!


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Tim Boxer

Tim is UK-based writer of all things family, faith and adventure.

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