A Gal That I'm Glad to Have in My Life Since High School


High school... What a weird time for me, huh? Met some interesting people in all three of my years and some people were more unique than others. I had a crush on a few gals along the way but when it comes to the gals that I knew, there has and never will be another gal that I've met like Vanessa, sometimes I'd call her Van for short, who's probably one of the most lovely gals I'll ever know.

Vanessa was so gorgeous, she may as well have been born a goddess. I've had a crush on her a few times but she's never really had a crush on me, at least, I don't think so. We met when we used to hang out after school and all we did was hang out with friends and do some dances. We even tried starting a dance crew for a bit since we were all over watching the Step Up movies along with listening to the soundtracks.

I was already hanging out with friends at first and we would learn to tut from one friend or hip hop style from another but when Vanessa came along, she became even more sexy to me because she knew how to belly dance. She tried to teach us and obviously, she was the best one. I even discovered that she's an amazing hugger too and a pretty unique one too. She does this thing where we hold each other really close for a bit and she'll pull me in closer by putting her hand on the back of my neck but we would stop because she always pointed out that she can hear my heartbeat go faster. God, I miss that.

To be honest, she made me a little nervous, but not in a bad way. I developed a bit of a crush on her and I always become an awkward guy when I like a gal. We lost contact for a while but in 2015 or 2016, we ended up talking more again and she got even more beautiful. Gorgeous face, captivating eyes, beautiful lips, amazing body, and most importantly, a phenomenal personality. She's the whole package.

Sometime between 2016 and 2017, I found out she got engaged when I still liked her and got pregnant as well, which devastated me for a bit, but knowing the way life is, I just shrugged it off and was happy for her because it's all I can do. Her happiness is all that mattered to me and it still does but I knew if it wasn't with me, I was okay with that. We still miss each other dearly.

Now, we still talk when we can and she's single now but I want her to focus more on herself and being a mother, but I'll always love her. Sometimes we have these moments between each other and I love it but I know that we wouldn't be together like one time, I asked her if she'd date me and she said yes but told me that I have her grandfather's name and I remind her of her cousin so that's why we haven't dated, but I'm okay with that. If I can describe what we are, I'd say we're bae friends. We call each other "babe" and "boo" like we're in a relationship and we love each other but we're still friends.

Vanessa is the only gal that's stuck with me ever since we finished high school even though I was a year ahead of her but still, I'll always remember the first time I met her and how lovely she's been ever since we've known each other.

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