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I've always had a lame love life, but a special gal slowed that down for a bit.

Cuddling was our favorite way to waste time.

Before I tried and failed miserably to get with Sofia, I dated a girl briefly for a bit. Things couldn't get any better! I just finished the greatest summer I'll probably ever have in the summer of 2014, I was back in school to finish and get my degree, I finally got my first job after spending two years looking for one, and the cherry on top of the sundae: I met a girl and she was lovely. Her name was Linda.

Linda was gorgeous. She was funny, an awesome person, just a great gal to talk to all around, and most importantly, she wasn't the type of woman I didn't want. In other words, she wasn't a bitch. To be honest, she kind of reminded me of Taylor Swift: Blonde hair, cute lips, gorgeous face, rocking body, and amazing personality. She was the whole package.

I met her a few times before we dated a bit because of one of my friends, Oscar. He told me that he had a class with her and that she was single, so when I found that out, I went to her the next day and—since I was feeling gutsy—I hugged her from behind when I saw her, but another one of my friends, Michael, who was pretty much always trying to hype me up for certain things and this was definitely one of them... anyway, when Michael saw what I was doing and she was holding my hands while we were talking, I looked at him for a bit and he nodded at me in approval. From there, our newfound relationship started and I was ready to be a gal's boyfriend, but here's the catch: She wasn't ready for a relationship, but she was down to talk between us.

I had a math class that was really difficult for me at the time so I couldn't hangout with her outside of school, but we did manage to keep in contact with each other and hangout while we were on campus once we were done with classes and before she had to go. I remember having a smile on my face a lot because, not only did I have a huge possibility at being Linda's boyfriend, but I also had awesome friends, I was back in school to work on getting my degree, and I had a job, so things were amazing.

Another thing I remember, and to be honest, if my mind was like a yin and yang or the whole light versus dark thing, it'd be a specific memory I have with Linda that I won't forget—and this would be the light, while the dark would be the terrible memory of what I saw with Sofia when I liked her at the time... anyway, the memory I have with Linda that I'll never forget was one of the times we hung out at school on campus when I was finishing up some math with a few classmates that stayed behind to learn more.

So, the building I was in was a math/science building and in the same building was a science dome was like walking in an auditorium, but when you get to the seats, you had to look up where the screen is and eventually, a few friends of mine turned the science dome into a place where gamers and people can hangout when it's not being used for anything else, events, or classes that have to be there. Linda and I would text back and forth sometimes while we did whatever it was we were doing and I told her that I'll be at the science dome, since we can hangout a little before she leaves. I went straight to the dome to hangout with a few friends while I waited for her.

In the dome, there were plush pillows on the floor, while everyone was playing video games on the floor as well. When she arrived, she said hi to everyone before coming to me, then saying hi to me as well. We cuddled and talked about how our days were and how classes were going. The reason this memory is so amazing to me is because of everything in the moment: We were comfortable, we fiddled with each other's hands, we talked, and of course, we watched a few people get their asses kicked in a few video games like Mortal Kombat and Super Smash Bros. When she had to go, I walked with her to the city bus outside in front of the campus and we held hands on the way there. Of course, I talked since I was more awkward, but maybe she liked that. Then we kissed each other and said see you later, alligator.

Sadly, about a month later during Christmas, she reminded me that she wasn't ready and that we should stick with being just friends, which I was okay with. Ever since Linda, I haven't really been the same and I'm sure she hasn't either. Last time I heard from her, she had a boyfriend and I am happy for her. I ended up making probably the biggest mistake of my life so far by trying to go for Sofia when I knew she'd end up with Ellen.

If I'm being honest with myself, there are days where I can still feel her hand or her kiss, but sometimes I do wonder if I'd have been a good boyfriend to her. I moved on, though, and so did she. I just hope she's doing okay because she did manage to bring out a part of me I thought died when I was 18.

Don Anderson II
Don Anderson II
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