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Tracing the Dreams of Starfield

by Ron M Pitts 4 months ago in dating
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The harmonious sunlight hit my body, and the autumn breeze gently brushed my cheeks

Tracing the Dreams of Starfield
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The harmonious sunlight hit my body, and the autumn breeze gently brushed my cheeks. I opened my eyes in a trance and realized that I had arrived in the desert. Through the car window, I only saw yellow sand, only the sun half hanging in the sky, to the desert seemed to be a layer of gold coating.

  The SUV stopped for a while, and the journey was tiring. He quietly leaned against my side, sleeping peacefully, I could not bear to disturb him, so I quietly got out of the car, wanting to be alone, a glimpse of the "desert smoke straight" style, but some fear of being lost in the desert.

  I turned back, both to the dream of the long-awaited desert, to see it is to show their best appearance. My heart was pounding, and today I was wearing my unbelievably beloved long dress - the red and white cross collar of the Han Dynasty, according to Qi. It was his birthday present to me last year, the fabric is excellent, smooth, and silky to the touch, and there is embroidery meandering on the bodice, embroidered and gorgeous. Because of my busy schedule, I have never worn it and never bothered to wear it. Today, with the rare free time and the rare

  I leaned against the body and opened the small round mirror I brought with me to fix my makeup. In the mirror, I looked like a beautiful woman in a storybook. I giggled lightly and tucked my long hair between my ears, and suddenly I saw the man in the mirror, who hugged me at the waist and said gently, "You look great.

  I said I wanted to go running in the desert, wanted to go watch the sunset. He responded with a somewhat sour question, "dressed so well, not more for me to see" I pushed him away, self-conscious hair, "the desert is my lover," I whispered laugh. He turned away and reappeared in front of me, already in a powerful military uniform. For my request, he was mostly satisfied, silent, only with action on behalf of the heart. I bear full of spoiled, go forward to take the initiative to hug him "tonight, to camp here". He already knew what I had in mind - to the desert to see the sky, rubbing my hair, full of smiles, "Well," the road ahead, I tilted my head, my ears swirling is my favorite song, unknowingly fell asleep, and when I opened my eyes again, the sun was slightly drunk, I got out of the car and stretched my back.

  The sun was slanting downward, and a glance at it showed yellow sand everywhere. It hangs alone in the sky, slightly lonely. A few clouds drifted in the wind, and my skirt rose slightly. Lone geese flew overhead, occasionally with a few long cries, but did not leave any traces on the sky. Such a barren place, not seen for hundreds of miles, as if forgotten by the world, but not lost as a pure land. Thousands of years ago, what was he? Was it a race track where the Huns ran? Was it a noisy and lively frontier town? Or was it as desolate and barren as it is now? I do not know, but I am willing to love it, to love its beauty, its boundlessness, its peace, and tranquility. I have dreamed of this scene many times, and it is amazing to see it in person. I envy the bravery of Sanno's wanderings, but I don't have that kind of courage.

  The sun hangs lower, the sky's evening light lining the sky like a little girl's shy red face, incomparably beautiful. The round golden disc, across the canopy, little by little slowly falling, interpretation of their mystery. The wind was a bit cool, I tightened my shirt, feeling the beauty of the "long river sunset round".

  I ran into the distance, let the sand fly, I felt the sunset, it used all its strength to make its perfect fall, this is its desert, it is difficult to describe the tenderness of words. I kept running and screaming wildly, trying to chase its pace. Quarry chase the sun, perhaps just because of love it. There is no city noise annoyance, only the hissing of the wind accumulating sand, I am overwhelmed and tired, at this time, I am also the phoenix, I am so free. Until looking at the far side, it slowly sinks, my nose a sore, suddenly some want to cry.

  Silence in the thousands of years ago, the melancholy of the ancients, the helplessness of the generals, the king's sighs, but also like this red sun, want this yellow sand, was piled up and buried in the thousands of years, as a descendant of me, gasping for the robes of the Western Han Dynasty, once again, the place where they passed, to listen to their sorrow and joy.

  I looked up again he had already tidied up everything, our small tent supported in the boundless desert, slightly lonely and a little abrupt. He called me over to the countless pictures of me on his SLR. I pondered which ones to delete but suddenly found him looking at me with his cheek. We looked at each other and smiled. I have spent my whole life looking for a soul mate as Xu Zhimo said. The first thing I want to do is to find a soul mate as Xu Zhimo said. He is like a sea of love to me, and I am gentle to him. When I was happy with the desert, he organized everything. He took pictures of me, looked at me sideways, and ran toward me. I seek freedom, and do not like to be bound, when a person running forward, but also fearless. Because I know that his eyes are always behind me, even if they are miles apart, his tenderness remains the same.

  After dinner, we sat on the sand. The wind was cooler too. He hugged me and kissed my forehead. I looked up at the sky, the moon was rising and the wind was blowing in my ears. Without a guitar, he sang softly in my ear, "We are married in a starry twilight". The stars are still visible in the sky, I smiled and rubbed his shoulder. I was surrounded by warmth, the sky was filled with stars, and the moon was shining brightly. I seem to be having a dream. I nestled in his arms, we talked a lot, I looked at his handsome side and fell asleep peacefully.

  The next morning, he tapped me awake, "Want to see the sunrise?" I was so lazy that I pushed him and told him to go away. When I opened my eyes again, I was back in the border town, and he was nowhere to be seen beside me. There was a note on the table, and I yawned and sat up to look at it, and there was a stack of photos he had taken of me, of the beauty of the desert, of my figure, of the sunrise I had missed, and finally, finally, a selfie of himself, which he seldom takes, in which he was grinning at the sunrise, with the sunset in front of him and my sleeping form behind him. I smiled lightly, behind the photo strong as bamboo font firmly and forcefully written "wait for me to come back, I love you" he always felt sorry for me, said not to me to keep company, I will pull his ears, loudly told him "have you heard the saying? The two love if it is a long time, and not in the morning and evening". The next time we meet, I want to hold him tightly, I rarely say "love", because this word is too heavy, too deep, not to say is also a lifetime. But I must tell him, "You gave me the whole starry sky, gave me the whole world, I love you!" I love you!" He is my hero and the hero of this world.

  "You protect the world, I protect you."


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