Top 5 Reasons Why Relationships Fail

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The Common Causes

Top 5 Reasons Why Relationships Fail

#5. Different Lifestyles

Having similar interests is the glue that holds a couple together. Whether it’s working out at the gym, going out to the movies, or even doing outdoor activities. Whenever two people are having fun doing the same thing it’s really easy for them to form and keep a connection going. This connection will eventually become the bond that binds them for a long time. Couples with different lifestyles will have a lot of friction in the relationship which can lead to loss of interest in each other or even infidelity.

#4. Lack of Teamwork

Being in a relationship is like being part of a two-person team and like any team, everyone has a position to play. When both parties are trying to play the same position, or unnecessary roles, they are usually not on the same page. Thus making it difficult for them to achieve any goal or move forward together as one unit. True teamwork is when each person is playing his or her part so that they can be successful at achieving a common goal. For instance, say you have two individuals who live together and are working at different jobs from nine to five. Now once they get home, their main objective should be to relax together and spend time with each other. If one decides to cook dinner, the other should be on cleaning duties afterwards, giving each other time to relax instead of letting one person handle all the duties. Working together is a key factor in not letting daily stress to overwhelm your minds and the relationship.

#3. Failure to Understand Each Other's Viewpoint

To understand each other's viewpoint requires effective communication and an open mind. Sometimes in relationships, the couple argue a lot because they do not know how to communicate properly and in addition, they are not open-minded to each other’s point of view. In an unhealthy relationship, whenever someone presents a situation or an issue that is creating turmoil in the relationship, the other person tends to try and find out who is responsible for the problem rather than to listen to what is being said to them in order to find the solution to the problem at hand. This usually leads to pointing the finger at one another and trying to find out who is the blame for the problem. When they are not playing the blame game, they tend to get defensive and start to provide all the evidence they can find to show their partner what it is they are doing right or what they have done right in the past. They do this to either prove to their significant other that they are not the cause of the issue or to disregard their partner's claim that there is a problem in the relationship. This act, however, in return makes it difficult for them to see the actual problem that is being presented to them. Eventually what this leads to is frustration and nothing gets solved as no one is willing to listen and work together to try and come up with a solution to the problem. As time goes on, the same problem will continue to resurface time and time again until someone's patience has run out and both parties choose to walk away from each other.

#2. Failure to Compromise

Compromising is an important tool in any relationship. This is the give and take method that sometimes requires sacrificing for one another. The key to compromising is to find a common ground or an agreement that suits both parties. No one person should have everything he or she wants while the other does nothing but submitting and agreeing to everything presented to them. We all have wants and needs. These wants and needs should be met by each other. When one person gets to have what he or she wants while the other just gives and never receives, this does not make for a healthy and happy relationship. Eventually, the one whose wants and needs aren’t being met may look elsewhere for their fulfillment. Which brings us to the next reason why most relationships fail.

#1. Infidelity

This one is a common issue that occurs in relationships where someone isn’t satisfied with who they’re with and what they have. There are many reasons why people choose to cheat on their partners. While there is no justification for such actions, some individuals choose to remain in a relationship where they are not happy with their partner even if they know that their partner is not being faithful to them. However, there are some individuals who have zero tolerance for infidelity. This becomes very difficult to deal with when marriage and children are usually involved. Regardless of the excuse, no one should have to deal with an unfaithful partner. There is no point in living a miserable and unfulfilling life when someone can find and be with their ideal partner who will love and respect them to the fullest. Even when there are children involved, it’s important to keep in mind how the actions of the parents will affect them. Cheating is not respectful and can be even more problematic if someone brings something into the relationship that can become detrimental to the couple’s physical or mental health.

In conclusion, a relationship is a journey, not a destination. Keeping each other’s interests, health, feelings, and care in mind is a great way to keep the relationship going strong and keeping that love for each other the same as it was the day you first met.

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