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Tom Bradbury: No Words Left Unspoken Part 2

by Call Me Les about a year ago in friendship · updated 11 months ago
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The voices that remain and how we are healing.

The Accidental Shepherd

When news of Tom's passing reached the Vocal Facebook groups, it reverberated for days. For some of us, it's not even begun to dim. Almost in unison, Creators flocked to their blank pages in search of healing, resolution and support. Many of you collectively sought refuge, answers and a place to place your words. I've done my very best to capture everyone's voice that had something to contribute. If you wrote something and I missed it, please write me through The Vocal Creators Chronicle's website or Facebook page.

This is the official document that will be handed directly to Tom's family & friends. Part 1 is here:

As with part 1, proceeds from part 2 will be put towards publishing Tom's Fiction Anthology.

Note to readers: when we embed the hyperlinks for these works, the layout is set by the dimensions of the photo. Size and style of each entry is not indicative of importance. Also, order hasn't been applied, only subcategories of content. All voices are equal here and each of us hopes our words bring you peace and comfort in the long days of grieving ahead.


By: Jan Portugal

By: Casey Promise Thompson

By: Scott Wade

By: Julia Blanker

By: Rachel MJ

By: Kent Brindley

By: Kelli Sheckler-Amsden

By: Matthew Mccahey

By: Melissa Ingoldsby

By: Mariann Carroll

By: Babs Iverson

By: Dawn Salois

By: Ali Sp

By: Yolanda Olivia Anderson

By: Literature Hut

By: The Dani Writer

By: Linda Rivenbark

By: Angela Derscha


By: Call Me Les (Lesley Leatherdale)

By: Paula Shablo

By: Julianne McKenna

By: Eric Anderson

By: Arpad Nagy

By: Sarah St. Erth

By: Catherine Donnelly (Maria Calderoni)

By: Hamish Alexander

Grief Support & Healing

By: Caitlin Mccoll

Literary Remembrances & Tributes

By: Natasja Rose (Note-Natasja is donating the first month of her latest book's sales to Andy's Man in Tom's name. You can redirect to purchase her book through her piece.)

Compilation Edited by: Judey Kalchik

By: Chloe Gilholy

By: Jessie Waddell

By: Pam Reeder

By: Emily Keeler

By: J. Lee

By: Carol Townend

Dedicated Works

By: Lori Melton


By: Julie Lacksonen

By: Trevor Wells

By: Jason Basaraba

From Vocal

From Facebook

From The Vocal Creators Support Group Admin Judey Kalchik

This is in reference to Tom's Fab 5 win with Wishing Well Questions

In response to my eulogy

Thoughts on Stetson

(Or a community with the same theme but alternate name)

We don't have an update yet as to the funeral.

Tera's photo

Some Happier Moments

When The Chronicle Put a Gossip Column Together...

Yes, he made it in more than once! I think if he hadn't he'd have been "shirty"...

Can you guess which one is called "Coconut?"

That's not how you catch a fish Tom.

In His Words

Always Encouraging Us

Friend referenced: Jessie Waddell

Read this one for Halloween!

Piece referenced is Cooper's Circle

FYI: The editor choked on her tea on her first read through of Cooper. Oh Tom...

Another Laugh From His Dear Friend Arpad

Release of Hypoxia with the 'mystery editor' ;)

(Yes, she still does adore this work. Click Here.)

Parting words: Tom's Homecoming Poem

Home is bangers and mash with a ketchup squirt,

Or brushing the sausage roll crumbs off of your shirt.

It is the scent of the firework that fifth night in November,

And the waft of smoked bacon cooked upon glowing embers.

Home is a cacophony of voices, speaking in the round.

Or rhythmic dance beats with that new vocal sound.

Black Puddin’ for breakfast and hot custard for afters.

The real home of language and a place full of laughter.

It is, the richest tapestry of accents fighting to be heard.

And songs from the terraces, sung together word for word.

Home is the smell in the air just before the big rainfall slips.

Or, that malt vinegar aroma steaming off chunky chips

It’s the land of the double decker bus and black Hackney taxi.

Also, the police don’t have guns but can still play quite roughly.

It is a hot buttered crumpet alongside a cup of tea.

And eating fish and chips out of paper in the rain by the sea.

It is the land of the lion but they only live in the zoo.

The home of King Arthur but he is long gone too.

My home is an island and I am on the wrong side of the water.

I look from a distance but I just feel like her stalker.

A short drive and a ferry or a train under the sea,

It used to take half a day and was so simple for me.

It is now being two long years since I set foot over there.

My passage is now blocked by papers and a vaccines affair.

My next trip home might mean two weeks in quarantine.

A strange hotel stay served by gaolers in governmental green.

An unwelcome home, no bienvenue, my invites retracted.

The drawbridge is up, the guard is out and has overreacted.

I wonder if like me, while apart home has changed

Will it recognise me or will we both feel estranged?

What if home has gone and no longer rests over that sea.

Will I now be lost and left to wander about free.

These thoughts keep me awake and do, oh so trouble me.

I stand at my door but I just can’t find my key.

We know you're home now Tom. Be at peace.


Grief doesn't work according to a deadline. If you have something to contribute at a later date, message me directly through either VSS or The Chronicle. If I've missed something you wrote, sincerest apologies. Send it to me directly and I'll update it immediately. The "funeral guest book" post is pinned to VSS announcements. It's not too late to add a comment. Just tag me and I'll update you into this memorial.

Thank you sincerely to all Creators who contributed. I hope together this helps us heal. As painful as it was for me to put it together, it's also brought me some catharsis. Words heal wounds. Stay tuned for a special tribute from Vocal themselves.

Much Love,



First published on Vocal Media October 8, 2021 by Call Me Les


About the author

Call Me Les

She/her | Cat enthusiast | "Word-Nerd" | Fueled by buttertarts

  • Co-Founding admin at Vocal Social Society & Great Incantations
  • Co-Founder of the Vocal Creators Chronicle
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No words left unspoken.

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  • Scott Wade2 months ago

    I can see clearly Tom in eternal discussion with the writers in the heavens …. Dickens, Austen, Orwell, Wolfe, Tolkien, Bronte, Shakespeare, but maybe hangs out the most with Poe. Miss him! 🥰

  • Judey Kalchik2 months ago

    How can he be gone longer than I knew him? And hadn’t I always known him?

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