To the Love of My Life

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A Letter to My Soulmate

To the Love of My Life

To the love of my life,

You don’t know how I love you. The way I can see the love that’s meant to be in your eyes. The way your touch sends a shock right through me. Our love is electric and it ensures me everyday that this is meant to be. From the first time we kissed, I knew you were the one. I knew you were my soulmate from the moment we met. My best friend and lover. I want to be with you everyday. I want you to be the one I fight with, grocery shop with, make love to and grow old with. I want to sit together in 50 years, looking back at our life knowing we did it together. That we were happy and always loved one another. I want everyday to be with you. For every good and bad memory for you to be beside me. To support you and lean on you. To mother your children and kick your ass when you need it. To be the one to believe in you and your dreams. I want to be the one who you turn to when you’re sad, or happy, or mad. I want to be your rock and your comfort. I want to make sure you always know you’re loved and know you will never be alone.

Sometimes we draw a line in the sand forgetting that sand is so easily moved. Moved by wind, moved by love. That line is so easily erased when the love flows so freely and truly. Nothing is ever perfect, but our love comes pretty damn close. We will always have our flaws, but like anything, the most beauty comes when there are some flaws. That is what truly makes it beautiful. The beauty and perfection next to a little ugly. Like the sunshine after a storm. It’s what we need to keep us going. To allow us to see the positives, to allow us to get through the hard because the good is so worth it.

You are worth it.

You are worth the fights, the attitude, and the bad. The good in you and in us is worth a million fights.

You are the one. The man I have dreamed about my whole life. Someone who is loving and kind and caring. Someone who is just an amazing father and will do anything for me and our baby. Someone who is so incredibly handsome and sexy. Someone who treats me like a queen. Someone who is my very best friend. You are my very best friend. The person I have always turned to since I was 14 years old. Our story is a fairy tale. A love story worthy of writing—of living. The love we have is the love that everyone waits for. One that takes your breath away and shakes you to your core.

They say that humans were created with double of everything. Four arms and legs, two eyes, two mouths, two noses and two hearts. That we were split so we were less powerful, and that when you find your soulmate that they are your other half. You, my love, are my other half. And I promise to love you each and every day. I promise to hold you when you’re sad and to help you in everything you do in your life. I promise to fight through any and all bad because I know we will always get back to the good.

You are my one, my only, my love, my soulmate.

Forever, your partner.


Michaela B
Michaela B
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