To the Girl Who Let Him Go

by Hannah Beaton 2 years ago in love

Thank you.

To the Girl Who Let Him Go

To the girl who let him go: thank you. Thank you for letting go of such an amazing man. Thank you for hurting him the way you did and helping him learn. You let him go for certain reasons and for that I will be forever grateful. You let go of someone who supports you in everything you do. You let go of someone who would never hurt you, even if his life depended on it. You let go of someone who would put his life on the line for you in a heartbeat. You let go of a man that every girl dreams of having. You helped him grow so he could love me the way he does. Thank you for giving me my lifelong partner. My other half. The love of my life.

Thank you for walking out of his life and allowing me to walk into it. Thank you for allowing me to love him in ways you couldn't. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to treat him the way he truly deserves to be treated because you weren't capable of that. I will do my very best to make him happy every single day that we are together. I will do everything in my power to keep him from ever getting hurt. I won't do or say things you did to hurt him. I will love him and support him when he is at his worst, unlike you, who walked away so easily. I will let him know every single day that I love him and that I will always be here for him, unlike you.

I will love every single imperfection that he has. I will never use him like you did. I will stick by his side even when we are apart. I will still tell him I love him when we are in a fight. I won't tell him I hate him and ignore him for hours like you did. I will tell him how much he means to me each and every day. I will always give him attention when he needs it and even when he doesn't ask for it. I will never ignore him and push him aside when he needs me the most. Even when I am struggling, I will still be there for him.

I will be his number one supporter in everything he does. I will never tell him that he can't do something. I will always be there for him when he feels alone and scared. I will be the girl he runs to when something good or bad happens to him. I will love him when he is mad at me. I will love him when he is disappointed in me. I won't get mad at him for being hard on me because he knows I can do better. I will not only be his girlfriend but I will also be his best friend. Yes, you can be someone's girlfriend and also be their best friend. I will always push him to do his best even when he thinks he can't do it. I will accept him for who he truly is and I won't try and change him into something he is not. He was made this way for a reason. He was made this way so that I could love him.

I will never take his love and faithfulness for granted. I will never take him for granted like you did. I will never make the same mistakes you did. I will be the girl you weren't able to be. I will be the girl that he loves for the rest of his life. I won't be dumb like you. I will never let him go.

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