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To Save the World

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By Skyler SaundersPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 5 min read
 To Save the World
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It’s the Atillas verses the Atlases of the world that is most important to view. Not, obviously, the idea of an individual Attila who represented an actual man and the mythic being that held up the firmament, but the difference between the two ideals that showcase the divide in the current state of affairs. They all register as the destroyers, the plunderers, the thieves going up against the heroes, the producers, the champions of thought, respectively.

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With sections of the world that still have never even heard the name Ayn Rand, we are mired in the ugliness of irrationality. By just asking a small sample of young people who the late great author was and what her works meant, they fail to even understand that the titan of a philosopher and literary giant existed at all. It’s distressing, even depressing but all of this can be remedied.

If there are just little cracks in the wall of ignorance that sometimes spring forth, there is a chance for Americans especially but for the whole globe to comprehend and integrate and apply the principles outlined by Miss Rand. It takes a great amount of energy to run the Ayn Rand Institute (, a haven for Altases. This is to be taken both literally and metaphorically. To keep on the lights, they actually need donations from people. It’s a great thing that it’s a 501 (c) (3) and that there is a way for them to get around taxes. In fact, if you make donations to the Institute, you can get a tax credit depending on how much you offer.

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The Atillas are the nail in the tire on the road. The Atillas are the conspirators to the demise of ideas that fight for right and freedom. The Atlases, however, know that this battle can be won and they can claim victory in the war as well. That’s with the potency of Miss Rand’s words. Atillas may look like they’re winning but the Atlases keep the Earth on its axis. They safeguard the brains of scientists, technologists, engineers, artists, and mathematicians (STEAM). There need not be any worry as to what may come forth in the future. With learned machines and the intersection of commerce and STEAM, there is a great deal to look forward to, now.

If it seems like the world is dark and dreary, it is only because people don’t realize how good they’ve actually got it. Americans can have the luxury of complaining about their status in the world. Yet every American, no matter what her station economically is better off than the majority of citizens living elsewhere. They can thank the Atlases for that. What people claim to be “dirty fuel” actually powers the globe and the minds of the Atlases. Fossil fuels often get a bad rap but they light up vast regions of the globe. Without these fuels, there is no increased quality of life, standard of living, or longevity of life.

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The Atillas keep on making it seem like the world is melting before our eyes. They wish to see the Dark Ages return and prevent another Renaissance or Enlightenment 2.0. What ought to be fought for is the notion that the level of ugliness in the world is not the norm. It is the exception. Atlases create, build, and make. They make beautiful works with T-squares and cameras, beakers and spreadsheets. It’s such a fight that is apparent but still so little people even know or worse know and don’t care.

That’s the only way Atillas can win. As Atlases falter and perish at their own hands, that’s how the opposition takes in those losses and flaunts them like a parade with streamers and bands playing.

In order to combat this whole idea, it is the men and women of average ability that can actually discover their talent. Every human being possesses the capacity to do something. Except maybe someone in a coma, each person has the ability to do something on their own. The Atlases don’t abuse people with their power but they channel it with their powers. They take into account the fact that everyone has a talent and can be channeled into a productive sense.

Atillas may always be around. That does not, though, give license to anyone, particularly, the Atlases to kowtow or relinquish their might to lesser beings. It is imperative that everyone who cares about the future make steps to change something in their own selfish lives to contribute to their own happiness. Atlases facilitate all of this. They make it possible for the wonders of the world to come to fruition. The only way they get there is from their own thoughts. They bring to bear the treasures of this Earth and transform nature to suit everyone’s needs. This rational self-interest is a hallmark of the Atlas. Atillas would like to see destruction and death. Atillas require the sanction of productive human beings as they can not create anything. They can only mooch and loot off those who make the world a place to live and to thrive.

Eudaimonia is the banner for Atlases. It means good spirit state or happiness. This emotion can only be experienced in a “free mind, in free men, and free markets.” Atlases know what to do to achieve this coveted state of consciousness. They provide the goods and services to bring smiles and induce a satisfaction in the mind based on their work. They get to enjoy it, too, of course. Their selfishness doesn’t denigrate anyone. Quite the opposite. Their virtue of egoism is what makes them special and great. Something that makes it seem like the Atillas will be the winners is the idea of the Witch Doctor.

The Witch Doctor supplies the ideas for the Atillas to use their brute force. To more than conquer both of these frauds, Atlases ought to be as rational, selfish, and politically free in order to keep the world spinning. When they do that, that will be the real setting for just thinking.


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