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Time For Change

Positive Propulsion

By Kaylon ForsythPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Time is running out

I thoroughly enjoy my freedom, and yes, i would fight for it if i had to, however, I will never fight in a war, that masquerades as a freedom fight, when behind the scenes it is being propelled by profits being made, with countless lives being lost, just to put more money in some ones corrupt bank account. The sad truth is, when people are in positions of power, they more often than not, forget about the trials that they promised that they would fix, and instead focus on the dollar signs that fill their vision instead of the needs of the people.

If you go into politics, or are in politics right now, remember that despite your title, or prestige, you are a public servant, and when you twist that into a position of absolute power, you are nothing more than corruption in and of itself. Take an ethical stand on where your moral compass is pointed, and try to make a positive impact, because I can promise you, that good deeds are much farther reaching, than those that stem from darkness and corruption, would you rather be loved, or absolutely despised and hated, for making false promises to the masses, who depended on you to make a change.

When you choose not to act, in accordance with what's right, your simply pushing innocent people closer and closer to the edge of a cliff, and when they fall off that ledge, guess what, you have no one but yourself to blame for your actions of an unethical nature. If you are a person in a position of power, and you have the capacity to help those who are not, then do so.

The best way to cause a positive change to develop in another person, is to set the example for them to follow, and if enough people do this, it causes a ripple effect, which causes more and more people to begin this trend. This world does not have to be so saturated in greed and corruption, so it's truly time for things to change, because this world will not continue to function in a peaceful manner in this way, we are on the brink of an evolutionary leap, which many refer to as the awakening. If you choose to not act, it's the same as acting in a way that may negatively impact others, when you are in a position to help, yet your level of comfort is just so, that you would rather stay seated in your comfortable chair, then stand up for what's right, you are not just hurting innocent people, you are dooming your children to follow in your footsteps.

We need to make a difference for the next generation to follow, a difference that is saturated in positive acts of kindness and consideration for our fellow man. The next generation that is coming into fruition can only learn by the example we set, in all actuality, so if we choose to act in ways that negate any positive progress, we are dooming them to failure, or worse yet, to fall in step with the corruption that has preceded them. We must take this seriously, and act in accordance with what is truly right and morally, and ethically upright. Don't sit on the sidelines and wait for someone else to act, if you have the capacity to do so. Don't just talk about doing these things either, take the action necessary to create a world, where we can all coexist, in a peaceful, and harmonious life. It's time for this world to not just awaken, but wake up to the power we truly hold within ourselves, to set the stage for the changes that truly need to be made.


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Kaylon Forsyth

I lost my wife back in 2019 and I started this as an outlet for my emotional expression in regards to the pain from the loss, it has helped me substantially since that time, and I have put great effort into all of my efforts since then.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Change is good! Great work!

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