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This is how Wang Shi climbed Mount Qomolangma

by Dempsey Davis 2 months ago in celebrities
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This is how Wang Shi climbed Mount Qomolangma

Wang Shi of Vanke is often asked, "What is the secret of your success?" He would smile and say, "Bold." He would add, "I have my mother to thank for that." What's going on here?

Wang Shi was born in January 1951. When he was 13 years old and still in primary school, his parents decided to let the children go back to their grandparents' home in Northeast China for the summer vacation. The father felt that the child is small, this is not a direct train, to transfer several times, so he wanted to ask for leave to send. But my mother stopped me. Wang Shi's mother is from Yixian County, Liaoning Province, Xibe ethnic group, which is a famous iron-blooded ethnic group, she is very strong in the family, she is not undetermined. Mother said: "No, this time I want to let Wang Shi have a good exercise." As soon as Wang Shi heard that he wanted to go by himself, he cried and refused to go. But the mother ordered, "You have to go." Wang Shi immediately stressed: "If lost how to do?" "Lost, lost, no such ability, don't stay in our house." No way, Wang Shi had to brave the scalp on the road.

On the day of departure, in Zhengzhou railway station, the mother put Wang Shi and his sister-in-law 3 people on the train, please the conductor, the mother told Wang Shi with her consistent strong: "As long as people are not beaten by difficulties, they will be able to beat difficulties." Then he turned around and walked away. At that moment, Wang Shi's tears came out immediately. Mother is very cruel, left, did not look back. Wang Shi knew that everything was on his own.

In this way, Wang Shi, with a brother and a sister, set foot on the journey to his grandmother's home in Northeast China. When the train reached Beijing, the guard took the three of them off and transferred them to another guard. Then the three children waited on the platform, waiting for the train to Jinzhou, and the three children were handed on the train like a parcel, which continued to be shaken north until they reached Jinzhou and were handed over again. This time it's for a local train. By the time he reached the station, two days had passed. But the journey is not over, or even the real journey has just begun.

After getting off the train, Wang Shi took his brother and sister, carrying their luggage, and went to Jiulin Village, where his grandmother lived. At first, we were very happy. After all, we had come so far and were almost at Grandma's home. After all, there are still a dozen kilometers of wild road, is to rely on walking. At that time, Wang Shi thought that he had been there once before and still remembered the road. Under normal circumstances, he could walk to his grandmother's house at three or four o 'clock in the afternoon.

Wang Shi strode away, but after walking for several hours, he became thirsty, hungry, and his feet began to bubble. His brother asked, "How far is it?" Wang Shi said: "We are almost there. Hold on." However, after walking for another hour, they still didn't arrive. Moreover, Wang Shi felt that the road was getting stranger and stranger. His sister could not hold on any longer and asked, "Do you know the way at all?

It was already four o 'clock in the afternoon. It should have been here! At this time, Wang Shi felt that he was not going the wrong way, right? He was beginning to get confused, too. Wang Shi had to ask passing villagers. God! Walked for a long time, the original turned a few circles. My sister cried and my brother said he couldn't go any further. At that moment, Wang Shi was also afraid. Wang Shi had to let the younger siblings rest for a while and eat something. When he stopped, he felt his crotch was torn and soaked in sweat. The blisters of my sister's feet were worn out and painful. He had to help his sister with a handkerchief.

After receiving the telegram that the children were going, grandma was very happy and went to the village to meet them at noon. But wait until dinner did not see the children, that anxious ah! Lest the jackals outside the village plunder the grandchildren. He could not eat his supper and stood at the entrance of the village.

At that time, there was no communication tool such as telephone. At that time, it was far away from the village and the store. If it was dark and didn't arrive, walking in the mountains would really be eaten by wolves, tigers and leopards.

Wang Shi realized that the only way was to hurry! So he began to imitate his mother's usual tone of voice: "We have to hurry on, otherwise we will have to feed the tiger!" That majesty, that persistence, let the younger brothers and sisters suddenly get up and follow him to continue to walk. In fact, the more he walked, the more frightened he became, especially when it was completely dark and he passed the graveyard again, and his hair stood on end with cries. My sister cried out, "Brother, I'm afraid!" He quickly took his sister by the hand. After a while, the younger brother shouted, "My shoe has fallen off." The younger brother was so afraid that he did not know the shoes were gone. He had to stop and feel for them.

And so, though he felt a chill behind him, a ghost behind him, a Wolf in front of him, they could only run. He had to carry his sister on his back and run. In this way, they walked until midnight at 12 o 'clock, and then arrived at grandma's house. As soon as he got to his grandmother's house, he fell asleep and slept for two days at a stretch.

After that, Wang Shi went to college, opened a company and climbed Mount Everest, where he encountered many difficulties at every stage, but he was never beaten down by difficulties and never thought of giving up his belief, so he succeeded and climbed the "Mount Everest" of life and career.


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