This Is a Thank You Anniversary

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Four Months Later.

This Is a Thank You Anniversary

I know that normally anniversaries are all about saying I love you, and what you love about each other, and all that mushy, cute stuff. But, for me, this one isn't.

This one is all about how thankful I am for you. How thankful I am for everything that you've brought into my life since I've met you. For real, not just as a customer at the place that I work at—not knowing that you fancied me.

This is an appreciation note for you being there for me through everything that has happened these past few months. With my living situation. With school and graduation. With work. With my cat. With me.

We've made some incredible memories that I will never forget. We've eaten at so many new and cool places. Visited new coffee shops. Seen tons of movies. Had many beach days. And even gone to a festival together. But, as we both know, every day was not all rainbows and butterflies. Because life isn't all sunny.

But, even though life tried to bring me down, you have been there by my side throughout it all. You've supported me, and have been patient with me through every step. You've let me and my cat live in your place for the majority of our relationship when I had no other place to stay. And somehow, throughout us coming together, we haven't killed each other. Just kidding. We've done the opposite. It's brought us so much closer. And even though I'm sometimes a little bit of a pain, you still love me anyways.

And even when I don't think I deserve your love, or don't understand why you do, somehow you fall more and more in love with me. Even when you can't understand why I do the things I do, or I seem like an enigma that isn't logical, you try to understand. You've sacrificed so much these past few months in terms of what you may have wanted for me, and to help me, and I am eternally grateful for that.

I honestly don't know how I could have done it all these past few months without you. You have been my rock. And in the short time that we have been together, you have shown me what true, mature love looks like.

You have shown me what my future looks like. My person. My best friend.

And even though life has challenged me, I've felt stronger with you by my side, and I love being able to come home to you every night, falling asleep and waking up next to you. Something that has become such a simple joy in my life. Always knowing that even though we part in the morning we will see each other later.

These four months have felt like a small little eternity for us. A eternity all ours, full of so many smiles and laughs, and colorful memories.

I know we didn't plan to live together so fast, and even though my living situation kind of made that happen, I think that it was good for us to see what we would be like living together. Because that is something that usually will either bring you together or tear you apart, and I feel like it brought us closer together. Even though it wasn't forever, some day it will be.

So for these four months, I just wanted to say thank you. Because as fast as life has been happening around me, I just needed to tell you that I haven't taken any of it for granted. Especially you, and all you've done for me, for us. I never expected anything of you, and yet you've given me so much. You've showed me the most raw version of yourself, and who you truly are, and I love you even more for that. You're more than I could have ever wished or hoped for, because you're better than any dream I could have ever dreamt.

You get me. And I get you. The whole brains to this beautiful operation that we call us.

And even though one chapter of our lives has closed, we still have so many chapters to go. So, thank you for being the most beautiful constant in my life, and for being the most extraordinary girl I know. I'm so proud to be able to call you mine, and always know that no matter what, you'll be there for me.

I never told you, but the day that we went to Sunset Beach, and you were in the water, and I was talking to your friend—all I was thinking while watching you was how crazily I am in love with you, and that I can't believe how head over heels I am over you. Because every day I fall more and more in love with you. And it was even overwhelming me to think of it, because my love for you is just that big.

You mean the world to me. And I never want you to forget that.

I'm so thankful for you every day. I think about that more than you know. Because in this short time that we've know each other, I feel like I've known you forever, and can't wait until that becomes forever.

So this is a thank you anniversary.

For being you. For your love. For your support.

For every day. Every second. Every moment. Every breath.

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