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There's nothing wrong with supporting roles

The friend watched the TV and said with emotion, "Look, how boring the girls who danced are. On the stage, the spotlight was on the singers, and they didn't even give a face shot. After that, they stepped down, the applause and fame were all from the singers, and they got nothing."

By SalamPublished about a year ago 6 min read

The friend watched the TV and said with emotion, "Look, how boring the girls who danced are. On the stage, the spotlight was on the singers, and they didn't even give a face shot. After that, they stepped down, the applause and fame were all from the singers, and they got nothing."

  "You're young, isn't it good to do something else? Doing this is not decent at all, it's really worthless." The friend continued to chatter.

  I said, "Whether they live well or not, whether they have value or not, in fact, it doesn't count if you say it, and it doesn't count if I say it. It doesn't count if anyone else says it."

  "Then who has the final say? They themselves?" The friend teased.

  "I don't think they need to say it. As long as these girls are happy and happy, they have value." I laughed.

  Yes, if a person lives a steaming life, he will shine brightly. Where does it have to be a supporting role for the protagonist, and how can it be judged by value or not?

  He remembered a man in the village. When he was young, he ran with a small theater troupe that traveled from village to village, saying that he wanted to learn to sing with him. People asked him what he knew, and he said he would play the cymbals. People said that the troupe did not need to play the cymbals. He was not discouraged, and he followed wherever the troupe went. Later, the troupe had no choice but to take him in. Occasionally, he was allowed to play the cymbals, which he cherished very much.

  Later, the small theater troupe disbanded, the county theater troupe took him in, and he became an official cymbal player. He grasped the rhythm of the drums very well, and played the cymbal loudly. The head of the team admired him very much, saying that although it was simple to play the cymbal, it was very important, and if you didn't play it well, you would make a fool of yourself. After listening to the head of the team, he played with great care and hard work.

  Later, the county theater troupe also disbanded, and he thought he was done, so he packed up and went home. Unexpectedly, the provincial symphony orchestra hired him. There is only one reason, people are serious, and the cymbal is meticulous. In the orchestra, sometimes after a symphony, two or three hours, it only takes two or three times to play the cymbal. But just for these two or three times, he held his breath, absorbed himself, and marched with the beat in the music, never daring to neglect the slightest.

  Even so, he was very content. "My mother knew that I was working in the provincial capital, and she praised me in front of the villagers all day long. She said that my son would only play a few pairs of cymbals for thousands of dollars a month!" Just to make my mother happy and do it well, he said it with a proud look on his face.

  You see, if you are willing to do it, and the old lady is happy, that is the value.

  Where I often go swimming, there are a few young men, in their twenties, who are lifeguards. They come down from the high stools every once in a while and arrange the slippers that everyone takes off at will by the pool. The red women drag in a row, and the blue men drag in a row. Sometimes the red ones run into the blue camp, and the blue ones run into the red camp, and a few young men "pull" them out and lay them out carefully, as if they were going to tame these slippers.

  Sometimes there is only a pair of slippers on the edge of the pool, and they never compromise. Once, I saw a "swimmer" come out of the bathroom with his shoes almost thrown from his feet - with a leap, a body was submerged in the water. Soon, one of the lads rushed over and arranged the two shoes comfortably like a work of art.

  It's like some kind of "fetish" -- they can't see their shoes being unruly.

  We enjoyed it very much. When we swam down for a few laps and got together to rest, we always said with emotion that the service here is really thoughtful. In fact, the so-called thoughtfulness is such a shiny detail. For example, arranging a pair of slippers neatly. For example, after swimming, the shower area is packed so that no hair can be seen.

  The results are obvious. Another pool in the same town has opened, and we're not planning to switch, although that one is said to be in good condition and moderately priced. After all, there are a few meticulous lads here, and there are a lot of irons that make people reluctant to leave.

  The media saw a female domestic worker sleeping in a rich man's house 6 days a week, 7 days a week. She helps the employer's family look after the children, breastfeed the children, lives in the best house, and sleeps in a bed of tens of thousands of yuan. The room is luxuriously decorated, the room temperature is controlled at around 26 degrees throughout the year, and the daily meals are basically delicious and delicious. The employer's house has an area of more than 1,000 square meters, and there are 12 bathrooms.

  People are more likely to die than people, and goods are more likely to be thrown away. The income of female workers is very different from that of their employers. Therefore, she and her daughter went to Dicos for a hamburger, and they felt distressed for spending dozens of yuan. However, the female worker did not complain. She relied on the money she earned from working in Beijing to support her two daughters in her hometown to go to school, and the eldest daughter has been admitted to a university in Shanghai.

  Perhaps, in the eyes of this domestic worker, she does not think that she is worse than the employers who have served her. A poor man who, through his own efforts, makes his children become dragons and phoenixes is a great success.

  The topic goes back to the beginning of the article. That friend has almost also mixed into the role of a similar employer. When he has a lot of money, he is angry when he has money. So, he is condescending, and it doesn't look good to him anywhere. At that moment, he must not feel that he is God's favorite, he thinks he is God.

  He is just a supporting role in the material world, but he suffers from the problem of pointing fingers.


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