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The wealth of "sky-high pigskin"

The wealth of "sky-high pigskin"

By Holder SildenPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

The nurse has a heart for business opportunities

Yuan Mei was a nurse in a military hospital. In 2005, a burn patient presented to her hospital with a skin graft because of the size of the injury. The hospital brought in a special animal from a great distance and grafted its skin on the patient.

"At that time, everyone was surprised that what kind of animal skin can be implanted into a human body, and the price is very expensive, small wounds to tens of thousands of yuan, hundreds of thousands of large."

When Yuan Mei heard the news, she suddenly had the idea of raising the animals herself after she left the army. After leaving the army in 2006, Yuan Mei chose to pursue a career on her own. She seized the opportunity to find an expert who specialized in the study.

In 2007, according to the expert's advice, Yuan Mei made a special trip to Bama, Guangxi. When she first saw the herbivorous pig and realized that it was not difficult to raise it locally, she decided to raise the "expensive pig" without any extra thought.

Uphill contract "bandit's nest"

Back in Chongqing, Yuan Mei took out all the subsidies for the demobilization, contracted more than 1000 mu of overgrown barren hills in Tianci Mountain, Nanchuan District, introduced more than 200 purebred small fragrant pigs, and began to raise their road.

At that time, every family in the village fed pigs, but Yuan Mei was unique in feeding pigs. She not only blocked the way into the mountain but closed off the whole top. Why is that? For a time, the villagers have had a kind of speculation about her.

When we are still discussing, the media suddenly reported the news: Chongqing successfully developed artificial skin using pork skin, used to treat burns, and skin grafting surgery, but also approved by the price bureau for 50,000 yuan 1 square meter price. Soon, this matter on the Internet was stir-fried, the villagers also, therefore, guess, that Yuan Mei in the dense forest breeding must be this kind of "high price" fragrant pig.

Naughty pigs leave town

In September 2007, Yuan Mei went back to the dormitory to have a rest after carefully checking the piggery as usual. In the middle of the night, dogs suddenly broke the silence. Yuan Mei quickly took the workers and ran to the piggery, the scene in front of all the people present was shocking.

In ordinary times piglet's lively good moves, and nature's naughty, brought a lot of trouble to Yuan Mei. But, she how also can't think of this, THIS is just a beginning, the next piggery happened an unexpected strange, these light pigskin can be worth 50,000 yuan 1 square meter of fragrant pig disappeared.

Could it be that someone knew that the pigskin was valuable, so he crept into the pigsty at night and quietly opened the door? Too late to think, Yuan Mei quickly took the workers to search for the mountain, but it is always difficult to find traces. After a busy night, Yuan Mei returned disappointed.

The next morning, when Yuan Mei was in despair, she found that the fragrant pigs she raised were lining up to go down the hill and come to the piggery. "The hill is so steep that they know to come back in an S-shape. When they come back, the most gratifying thing is that they know they're back in their enclosure." Yuan Mei excitedly told reporters how clever her baby pig was.

Before long, more than 200 fragrant pigs came back from all directions. Yuan Mei had an inventory, actually a no less, which made her overjoyed. But the pig is how to escape, after all, the door of the piggery is how to open, Yuan Mei has been the mystery in the heart. To prevent the accident from happening again, Yuan Mei and the keeper hid in the dark for several days, and finally saw the whole process of their collective escape. This forced Ms. Yuan and her handlers to admit that the pigs were genetically close to humans and extremely intelligent.

Hit hard by sky-high prices

In the spring of 2008, Yuan Mei went through a year of ups and downs, breeding fragrant pigs from generation to generation, with a stock of more than 3,000. Yuan Mei thought her dream would come true if she could get a good price for her pork skin. However, when she began to sell, just know this huge opportunity behind, there is also a hidden trap. Yuan Mei expended the eldest brother's effort to sell dozens of do not say, the price also has a very big gap with his imagination.

It is clearly said on the Internet that this kind of pig skin is made into artificial skin and is priced at 50,000 yuan per square meter, but the reality is different. Is there a secret in this "sky-high price"? Yuan Mei rushed to the local price bureau to ask what was going on. The price bureau gave Yuan Mei a clear answer: the price of pork skin is regulated by the market, not specifically for this project.

This answer let Yuan Mei wake up like a dream, the original 50 thousand yuan 1 square meter contains a lot of costs that they did not think of. In the beginning, she just saw the surface phenomenon and hurriedly started large-scale breeding without market research. Now, more than 3,000 fragrant pigs are waiting for the market, and the amount of medical market has lost balance with her output, which is undoubtedly a heavy blow to Yuan Mei.

The "surplus commodity" wins by surprise

"The use of medicine is very small, which means that we have more supply than demand and there is an imbalance in the market. If we want to find another way out, we need to bring this fragrant pig to market and let the public consume it."

Yuan Mei thought, Chongqing local meat or pork, their breeding pigs are returned to nature in the dense forest, but also to herbivores, as long as you can let customers know, it is not difficult to push to the table. Then she specially prepared DV, shoot his breeding environment down, down to the hotel when promoting, and broadcast it to the hotel manager. Well, it worked.

After Yuan Mei's unremitting efforts and promotion, the surplus pig was sold out by her, and she, therefore, found the best sales method. Many restaurants have developed various delicacies suitable for using fragrant pig as raw materials.

In the following year, she worked with different industries to promote the pig, expand its popularity of the pig, and successfully opened the market in Chongqing.

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