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The Trout and the Swan

by Kitty Fermengs about a year ago in love
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A love story

In the light of the moon a beautiful swan danced on the surface of the lake. Underneath, a trout was following her movements, and dancing with her in the waters below. When the dance was done, the swan thanked the trout for her wonderful evening.

“I wish there was some way I could repay the happiness you have bestowed upon me.” Said the swan. The trout just smiled and bowed gracefully; saying nothing. The swan bowed in return and flew off to her nest in the trees. The trout looked up at the swan in her tree with longing. He wished to dance with the beautiful swan in the sky; flying gracefully as she in the land above. He wished to dance with the swan forever; wanting nothing more than the stillness of night to last so they could dance for eternity. He told no one of this desperate longing but, the lady of the lake heard his silent cry. She vowed that one day his wish would come true; if not this life, then the next.

The next night, the trout and the swan danced by the light of the moon once more. The whole of creation seemed to watch as the pair danced to the sounds of life. The music orchestrated by the insects; crickets, fire flies and cicadas paired with the melody of the frogs and owls, was one to be heard. Night after night the lady watched as the swan asked her daunting question and night after night she listened to the silence that befell the trout as he bowed gracefully in agonizing torment. As day broke each morning, she watched the pair mingled in everyday life. The swan took in the ugly ducklings; abandoned by what was once thought to be kin. She boasted often to the cranes and the ravens and anyone who would listen about the trials and accomplishments her children made. This made the trout long for a family of his own.

One night after there dance was done the trout saw a crab attempting to eat a cloud of tadpoles. Without thinking he charged the crab coming to the aid of the defenseless and rendering the crab’s dinner unobtainable.

“Come with me dear children and I will teach you the ways of the lake.” Said the trout to the cloud.

The tadpoles, not wanting to be left alone after that fearful encounter, swam close by the trout becoming his young wards. Days passed and the trout felt as if his life was complete. As the tadpoles grew into young frogs, the trout showed them the best places to hide from known predators. Like the swan he too, boasted proudly to whom ever would listen about his frogs’ accomplishments. In his eyes they could do no wrong.

Though their days where filled with constant correction and instruction, the trout and the swan danced by the light of the moon every evening like clockwork. The moon seemed to hold its breath every time they danced; prolonging their inevitable departure from one another. This went on for several years, far into the years of tired eyes and ancient wisdom.

One night when the moon was full, the trout came up to the surface to begin the dance with the swan but she had not arrived. He wasn’t worried though for she was often late to their evening encounter and she rarely arrived before the moon rose high in the sky. The moon rose high in the sky and retired to sleep and the swan never showed. The trout waited till the sun shone brightly in the sky but she never showed to complete the dance. It was strange. With their children gone, their nightly ritual was the only thing that put pure joy into the old fish’s soul. On his way to retire to his cove, a crane stopped him and told him the grave news.

“She was shot by a hunter, your swan; an arrow through the heart.” Said the crane.

The trout bowed thankfully unable to hide the tears welling up inside of him. He slowly swam back to his home, where he cried himself to sleep. That evening, silence hit the realm. Not even the insects conjured a sound for they too mourned for the loss of a beautiful creature. The only sound that could be heard was the mournful cries of the trout wallowing in pitiful sorrow. The lady of the lake could stand the sorrow no more.

“Arise dear fish and sell me your sorrows. I am saddened to hear of your loss. Arise sweet fish and tell me why you mourn her so.” She said.

“Bring her back to me or send me to her for I long to dance with her one last time. She is my everything and I wish to tell her so!” said the trout hopelessly.

“Your swan’s death has saddened us all. She knew of your love dear fish through your constant devotion. Take comfort in knowing that she is forever above, dancing in the skies. She is waiting for your dance master fish and will dance with only you.” Said the lady of the lake.

With that the lady vanished. Twilight arose and the trout once more danced by the light of the moon. He knew in his very essence that his beloved swan was dancing above him. He longed for the day he would be reunited with her and hopped it would be there soon.

I ask you this after hearing my tale. A bird may fall in love with a fish, but where would they live? I tell you this, they would live in the stars. They would love each other in the sky and never look back on the problems they faced. I hope you enjoyed my Atenvelt parable. May it give you hope that the bird and fish can live in peace if no ware else but in Atenvelt.


About the author

Kitty Fermengs

I try to write a little bit of everything, from a small poem to an epic prose. I live in A constant state of denial that I am any good at what I have chosen as a profession. Give my works a read. Judge for yourself.

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