The Party to End All Parties

by amanda mollett about a year ago in breakups

Worst Party Ever

The Party to End All Parties

When I was first dating my boyfriend, there was a girl that was married to a guy I knew from school. So it came as a surprise when she was trying to be up my boyfriends' butt. I mean literally. This girl did not care that he had a girlfriend and did not like me for the simple fact that I was around him period. She hated that he was bringing me around his friends.

After a while of her not getting he wasn't hers, he was mine, we decided to get her over to the house of his friend and the only way she would come around was for me to not be there. When she came she would find out that I was really there and we were going to make the point come across that we were going to be together no matter what she tried or said. Things did not go as planned.

We did not have a good night. He was not having a great time, he did not wait for me, he barely said goodbye to me when he left, he didn't kiss me goodbye when he went to the store. When he came back he didn't even let me know he was there. Usually, he would grab a chair and bring it closer to his, but this time he didn't he didn't even seem to want me out there so I wasn't. He came in while I was charging my phone and told me there were going to not be any seats if I didn't come out. I did come out once, but I didn't feel that he really wanted me out there, I don't even think he noticed when I was out there so I want back inside. I got told he was being an ass and I should go see what his deal was. When I was going to go back outside the weather was changing and everyone was wanting to come inside so I didn't bother.

Later that night things changed. He had a friend that was having troubles and he was talking to him about his ex, he had told his other friend he wanted me outside with him, so she came in and told me. When I came outside he was talking about his ex. I had turned around and was ready to walk back in until I heard what came out of his mouth next.

When I walked out on that porch and he was talking about how his ex-girlfriend was supposed to love him and be there blah blah, I stopped in my tracks and as I turned around to walk back inside, the next thing out of his mouth made me stop, turn around and look at him. He said that now he was with someone that loved him and someone he'd never let go.

I have to be honest when he was out there talking about his ex I thought it was him just not really being over her and he was complaining to his friend about it. You know what they say when you are drunk your true feelings come out. That's why I would have walked away. What I didn't know was that he was talking to the friend about the friends' ex and he was just trying to tell him that he knew how he felt and tried to tell his friend that he shouldn't give up, because he too didn't think he'd find anyone else and he did. When I heard him say what he said about me I thought that was the sweetest thing he had said all night. It actually turned our night around because for the first time that night we seemed like a couple and not just two ships passing in the night.

Although I wasn't too happy to once again hear about the ex-girlfriend, when I heard how much he thought about me it made me look at it in a different light. I thought about how people say when someone is drunk you will hear them speak the truth about how they really feel and they really think. While he was still hurt over his past he knew the future he had with a woman that really cared about him and loved him for who he was.

Worst party ever, possibly the worst date ever. In the end, I hoped we had a better understanding that we were in it for the long run. It took awhile, but eventually, we did get there and we are in a much better place than before. Some days we have to remember this because not every day is a rainbow with flowers. Some days we just want the day to be over and go to bed.

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