The Man Who Can't Be Moved

by Emily Buehner 2 years ago in breakups

We need to find our own Safety net

It all starts with a smile, a handshake, a hello. We make eye contact and we are off to the races. Two people that came in alone leave together holding hands. The two forces are stronger than ever. Every smile means the world and every kiss could blow her off her feet. We are shy and we don't want to say much, we don't act ourselves because we worry about saying the wrong thing or looking stupid. We pray that everything will work out fine and will end in a fairy tale.

One date leads to another then another under the candle light and they are one. He leaves for work and she goes to her job they spend the day apart and can't wait to see each other when they are both done with work and come home together. He tells her about his day and she tells him about her day. They enjoy a nice dinner together put on a movie relax then go to bed.

They share their goals and dreams with that person and they share theirs. They support each others' decisions and slowly start to see it all fade away. We think he is at work when we find out that the little demon voice inside his head had other plans for him that day and steers him down the wrong path.

She waits for him to come home from work but he is an hour, two hours, three hours, four hours, five hours late and she knows something is up. He is always back from work at 4:30pm everyday but now it is almost 10pm and she is worried. When he finally comes home to her he is a mess. He is drunk and he doesn't say a word.

She can see he has found the drugs that suck his life empty. She tries to help him get out of the rut that he can't pull himself out of. Days go by, months go by, he is getting skinnier and she finally gives in and she takes a walk to think about what is happening. She runs into someone on her walk.

He thinks she is at work while he is out letting the demon override his steps. He notices that she hasn't come looking for him and he starts to get a feeling inside his gut. He waits and waits and waits for her but she never comes home. He is scared, he sits for hours waiting for her to come home. When she comes home he can see she is a mess.

They finally sit down together and tell each other that drugs have taken over their lives and they are no longer working because he got fired and she quit. He shows her his drugs and he shows her his drug..they agree that if they are going to be doing drugs that they would do it together. He goes into the bedroom and grabs the tourniquet and reaches for her arm and wraps it around her arm and slowly inject her with his drug.

She pulls out her stem and hands him a lighter and puts it to his mouth and the lighter flicks. Days go by, that's all they know. Month after month, words were few words, this is relationship suicide. When he falls, she falls. She gets back up with a staggering walk but he stays down for the count. 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years.

She has seen enough and she can start seeing her bones sticking out and weighs herself and she notices she is 110lbs. She can't stop the chemicals from seeping into her lungs and she tried to pick him off the ground hoping they can walk over the demon together, but instead meanwhile she has killed her demon and praising her angels, his demon has grown oversized and has taken over him, consuming every being of him.

She can no longer stand beside watching and who would of thought he would be bad for her health. Who would think that yesterday's love would be tomorrows regret. She is trying to fight the feeling with her eyes closed feeling the wind blow. He is trying to win the feeling with his eyes wide open letting the storm blow him over back on the ground. No safety net.

She has to keep walking to keep her from falling down. She is counting on high hopes to get herself over him. She has no safety net but she is his safety net. She is packing up and leaving the demon with him.

Her and her angels fly without a second thought.

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