The Love You Only Dream of Finding

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True Love Story

The Love You Only Dream of Finding

Here's to those of you who have doubted that true love exists. Finding someone who accepts all your faults and your weaknesses is nothing but a lifelong journey.

So, for those of you who had read my previous post I mentioned that I might write about my love story; well here it goes.

Growing up in a small town you think you really know everyone who lives here. Well, I was wrong. I traveled around my state, dating guys left and right but never could find that one person who I could really connect with. I moved back home, and at the end of one summer I stumbled across an old face—a guy from my high school that I never really took a glimpse of.

I made the first move and said hello through social media hoping that he wouldn’t turn away my message. He didn’t; he said hello back. Getting to talking with one another, we really connected over messaging. We decided to take it to a more personal level and decided to meet up. He came over to my house where I lived with my parents and we watched a Netflix movie that neither got watched or even had a title since we talked all night. We laughed and talked about the mutual friends we had, and how odd it was that we had never really spoken before. Finding out we grew up in the same town, had the same teachers and friends was a huge shocker. Midnight came quicker than I thought and unfortunately it was time to say goodnight. I walked him out and just before he left he gave me a small peck on the cheek just as a gentleman should.

He had told me that he was moving seven hours away, six hundred miles one way to be exact, and that he hoped I would be interested in continuing our friendship. Of course, I felt saddened by his news but knew that I should be open-minded about it, I liked him.

The night before he left to his new home six hundred miles away, he said that he really wanted to hang out. So, we met up in a public area, it was ten o’clock at night, and we sat in his truck and talked and laughed like before. We really had this strong connection and I couldn’t figure out why.

The next day I didn’t expect him to text or call because seven hours is a long drive, but to my surprise, he texted me as soon as he got to his new location. He told me all about how he couldn’t stop thinking about me on the drive, and he really wanted to text me the entire time but couldn’t. I was blushing at this unexpected text message. But it was funny because I was thinking about him too all day, but of course girls are different from boys. Hearing this was so sweet it made me very happy.

About a month and a half went by, he or I had not said we were exclusive, so I thought, Oh, he just wants a buddy or just a female to talk to for fun. Clearly, I didn’t get this message of his. One night an old friend asked me to go hang out with him at the local fair, so I did. I wasn’t exclusive with this other guy who was six hundred miles away, so I figured I’m going to go have fun. Towards the end of my night hanging out with my friend got a little awkward. He told me that he had feelings for me and that he wanted to be exclusive with me. Of course, I was attracted to this guy, but he was kind of a douchebag. He was fun to hang out with, but he wasn’t boyfriend material; I knew this guy my entire life. I told him I would think about it because I was talking to someone else (my husband).

Later that night I decided to send out a text to this guy I had only hung out with a few times but texted daily. The message read: "I have a question for you and I hope you can give me an answer. Am I your girlfriend or are we just friends? I’m getting mixed signals and I just want to be clear about what we are?" I pressed send, feeling my heart drop into my stomach. I wasn’t sure what he was going to say but then got even more nervous when I saw the little bubbles appear as he was responding to my message. I turned my phone face down and took a few deep breaths. Why am I so nervous, this has never happened to me before? My phone buzzed, and I was so nervous for his reply. I really liked this guy and I wasn’t sure if he felt the same way. I mean why would he? He was six hundred miles away, in a new town, new college, new friends, everything. So why was he going to waste his time on me back in his hometown he left behind. I finally got the courage to turn my phone around hoping it said what I think it said. The message read: "Well… I already thought you were my girlfriend?" I took a minute to gather my thoughts and reread this message. Huh, he never asked me to officially be his girlfriend? I was so nervous that I just text back a smiley face.

Since that night we continued our daily chats and calls, but he asked me if he could put it on social media: Facebook. I agreed and from then on, we were inseparable.

Since he was six hundred miles away and I didn’t have a car at the time, he came to visit home a lot more often than he should have. It started every month for about three months, then it was every two weeks towards Christmas. He got snowed in around New Year's, so he got to stay an extra week which was nice. After his three-week visit, I was sad to say goodbye. He became my best friend. I could tell him anything and everything and he the same with me. He walked me to my door in 35-degree weather, but I couldn’t let go from his hug. One, it was so cold out—he was like a heater for me—and, two, because I really like him and I didn’t want him to go back home. He pulled away from me and looked me in the eyes and smiled. I asked him what and he said, “I’m nervous to tell you something.” I looked at him and said not to be, he could tell me anything. He laughed and nodded his head. He brushed my hair behind my ear and gave me a kiss. When he pulled away he said, “I think I love you.” I looked at him with question in my expression and said back, “You think or you know?” I was confused but also knew that he had never told this to anyone except for this family. He smiled real nervously and said, “I know I do.” I replied good and gave him a kiss. I said, “I love you too Erik.” We kind of stood outside longer than expected but we were busy making out on the porch. We said our goodbyes and I walked inside with tears in my eyes and went straight to my bedroom.

Every two weeks he would make the seven-hour drive, and then two days later we would have to say our goodbyes. This went on for four months and I had enough. I wanted to be with him all the time and I knew he did too. I never brought it up to him because I didn’t want him to freak out, but I thought we should move in together. What do you know? Two weeks later he asked me if I wanted to and I said yes.

Since I had lived with my parents, and they’re super controlling over my life, I thought it would be a good idea the next time he’s in town to sit down and discuss it with my parents. We sat at the kitchen table after dinner and Erik brought up the conversation. He directed it toward my father because he respected him and wanted his permission. He said, “We’ve been thinking, and we would like your blessing to move in together.” My dad respected him back for asking him like a man should and said yes. Erik then said, “If we do move in together, will it affect your answer if I ask Elena to marry me?” My father looked him in the face and said, “Absolutely not.” I moved six hundred miles away a month later.

We spent the summer going out and just being with one another. Not frequently making the trip back to our hometown because we liked our privacy and freedom. Of course, we both had jobs and understood the work schedules were completely different, but I loved it.

A year quickly came up of our relationship and I thought that he was going to pop the question that night. He took me out to dinner and bought me a gift like a gentleman should and I did the same. I was waiting and waiting but nothing happened. I was kind of disappointed and thought: Maybe he doesn’t feel the same way, or maybe I’m going to fast. I couldn’t stop thinking about the endless possibilities of why he hadn’t asked me that night.

A week later we traveled back home for my sister’s bridal shower. It happened to be on a Sunday and I was so stressed out. I had spent all night doing last minute things because I was the one hosting the party. But since traveling I had to do last minute things when I made it into town and it seemed like nothing was going right. So that morning I went into the bathroom at Erik’s parents' house—we stayed there while we were in town—and got ready for the day. I had long hair down to my waist, so it took a while to style each morning. Erik walked in and just sat and stared at me which is unusual because he thinks I take so long, but today was different. He just sat there and stared at me.

We left for church service and met up with my family. Everyone was surrounding my sister because it was her bridal shower day and, spoiler alert, she was eight months pregnant with my nephew. Everyone was paying her special attention during our church family greetings and I had no clue what was going on because I was still stressed out thinking about what I still had to do before the party.

Our pastor started the service and started talking about love and how love conquers all. I had no clue what was about to happen. Pastor Bill called me and Erik up to the front, which was not odd since our pastor calls people up randomly during service, so we got up and walked toward the front. It’s a small church about 50 people on a good day so we made our way. Everyone knew we were head-over-heels for each other so when pastor started talking about love I didn’t think anything of it. He recited a verse from the good book and then while the pastor was staring right at me, I had no clue that he had handed Erik the microphone. Pastor Bill said, “Erik would you like to say something.” I thought that was weird but looked over and Erik, my husband, was down on one knee with a diamond ring in this hand.

Still to this day I had no clue what was really said besides, "Will you marry me?" because the entire time I was crying because I was so happy. I didn’t picture it this way, but I was so excited that it did. I got to share the day with my entire family and church family. It was a day to remember…

We basically lived happily ever after and still to this day love each other like no other. We’ve had our fair share of arguments and fights but what’s a marriage if you don’t have that, right?

Here’s to true love and to the love of my life… I love you forever and always Erik. Happy two years of marriage and many more!

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