The Good Thing About Heartbreaks

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Instead of losing yourself, find yourself.

The Good Thing About Heartbreaks

We have all felt heartbroken at some points of our lives, or in my case many times. It is normal, it is part of life and it shows us that we have feelings and emotions. Well done you are normal! (Whatever that is.)

Heartbreak can occur from many situations that we may value and hold close to our hearts. The feelings of pain and loss are never easy to cope with, but they are certainly something that we can overcome and grow stronger from.

How It Makes Us Feel

Heartbreak can lead us to feel broken, inadequate, worthless and tearful. It can cause us to lose ourselves and forget the beautiful beings we once were. It can distort your whole self image and strip you of your confidence and motivation. What we may not realise at that moment is the complete bad ass we are going to transform into once we have healed!

How can we ever fully appreciate our joys if we do not know the feeling of pain? We need to feel pain to appreciate feeling painless, we need friction to appreciate when things are smooth. Us as humans have a huge spectrum of feelings that we are inevitably going to experience throughout our lives, it is only to be expected that we will experience the feeling of heartbreak sometime within our lives. From serious things to silly things. It’s okay!

I have felt heartbroken for many reasons in the past, one of which was because a lover one day decided that he did not love me back. The most detrimental thing I done in return was denying myself love. Love that I could have given to myself instead of using it to cry over him. This experience was very eye opening because it taught me that loving myself was imperative for my own emotional growth and happiness. It took many baby steps and a lot of time but by the end of it I was emotionally stronger than I had ever been.

The Chance It Gives Us

Personally I believe that this gives us a very special chance to understand ourselves. To be patient and soft, caring and gentle to our own hearts. To realise our worth and make a vow not to be so difficult on ourselves in the future. During these difficult times I have opened my eyes to hobbies that I never knew interested me before, to self care rituals that I may not have been bothered to do and to the simple fact that I am still so lucky to be alive no matter how terrible I may be feeling.

Although no heartbreak is the same due to varying external factors, we can learn about what helps us come through it. You know yourself best therefore your judgement on what will be best for you is important. Don’t doubt yourself and do not allow yourself to feel small or inadequate. You may feel broken but you are not! You are strong and you are still breathing no matter how much you may want to just disappear. Although things may seem bleak, you have so much to be grateful for! Do yourself a favour and love yourself. Love yourself unapologetically and make the most out of this beautiful life that you have.

Your Choice

You see, no matter how heartbroken you may be feeling today, it is something that forces you to fix yourself. It is something that requires you to delve deep into yourself and demands understanding, unconditional love and patience. It’s either that or you stay broken. Which do you choose?

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