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The Fishing of Oppurtunities

Life from lense of Fisherman

By Aditya vermaPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

The birds were chirping their melodious songs to the tune gentle breeze that was gracefully moving the leaves of coconut trees. The sun has only started to arise from behind the mountains that overlooked Parvur lake. The lake looked like a mirror spread across a large area , only minute disturbances gave the impression of a water body. These were the Kerala backwaters where the water was as clear as crystal and tall coconut trees graced the edges of lake.

On the edge of lake lay a small hut made from bamboo, grass and coconut leaves which provided for the roof of the hut. As the sunrays entered through the window and shimmered around the eyes of Arjun he knew he had to get up. He was a small fisherman who had carried his father's profession and was the lone breadwinner of the family. His father had died one year back and he gave up his studies to support his mother and two sisters.

He was still a boy no older than 17 but the hardships had made his childhood disappear. The responsibilities on his shoulder had made him mature early. He gathered his fishing net, his gear and some basic supplies and dragged the boat into the lake.

Other fisherman mostly had a motor boat but Arjun had to row the boat manually. Few years back his father had saved money to buy a motor boat but his untimely illness ultimately ended up swallowing large chunk of that savings. It was difficult for Arjun to compete with experineced fisherman with better equipments and boats. The market was highly competitive and and based on first come first basis.

It took him time to reach the desired fishing location. By the time he reached the place it was buzzing with motor boats and nets spread across the river. The place was already packed with fisherman looking to scoop out the biggest prize. It was hard for a boy to compete with such an experienced blend of people. He remembered the things his father had taught him about fishing and started laying out the net.

He attached the bait to hooks and carefully inserted it into the fishing net. He then threw the net inside water wide open. Now began the patience game. One edge that Arjun had over others was that he was young he had all the time in the world. He knew if he waited patiently he would be able to catch a big prize. As he lay there waiting, staring into the vastness of lake he could not help but wonder whether he would be ever able to escape this net of hardships. He wanted to complete his studies so that he could enroll himself for army but the net of responsibilities had tangled him so badly that he had no choice but to continue do fishing to support his families.

The success of fisherman around him made him nervous and he started to doubt his own skills. He remembered what his father used to say to him " Son, Good things come to those who wait." As he lay there waiting suddenly he felt a huge pull from inside. This was certainly a big fish the pull had itself dragged the boat few meters. He gathered his strength and pulled the net out of water. Out came the net and along with it a heap of ghol, prawns and pomfret. This was no less than a treasure found.

Arjun knew the value of what was in his net. Ghol fish were extremely rare and went for very high price. Prawns were also a delicacy. He could not believe his luck. This catch was certainly the most valuable that nor he or his father had ever caught. The other fisherman around him were also in awe too stunned to speak. Arjun wasted no time and after gathering his hunt he quickly started rowing towards the coastal market.

He made it big that day. While returning in the evening he could not help but wonder about the vast opportunities that were swimming around him and he just has to patient to catch that moment. "Life is all about small moments. We just need to be present at the right place at the right time to capture them" he wondered as he rowed towards his house. His eyes glimmered with hope as he rowed into the setting sun.

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Aditya verma

Recently graduated from teenager to adult. Still coming to terms with responsibilities independent stuff... Just going where life takes me while exploring myself which has led me to here.

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