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The dream is to make the most delicious cake

The dream is to make the most delicious cake

By Ruban SaundersPublished 7 months ago 6 min read

"After 80" is a controversial generation, but when you haven't been back to God, "after 80" has begun to compete in the battlefield of social wealth, and has achieved remarkable results. For this interview, the reporter is surprised, by this young man of the same age as the reporter, hiding behind the legend of opening three cake shops in the downtown area in one year.

Tao Liqun sat in the cafe, reading the newspaper carefully. Look carefully, but also some childishness not off is a see people will shy smile big boy. Although he started his own business in college and accumulated some business experience, he often said he did not look like a businessman in conversations with reporters. But businessmanship is down to earth, isn't it? The style of the more business, in Tao Liqun, has been vaguely visible.

New Day Bake blooms three times a year

In October this year, Tao Liqun in the downtown Lu Xunlu "New Day bakery Lu Xunlu shop" officially opened a business, familiar people know that this has been his third "new Day bakery" chain so far. It's been less than a year since the first New Sky Bakery opened.

In the thick smell of coffee, Tao began to tell the story of entrepreneurship. In June last year, he was faced with the same problem as many college students of his age: whether to go on to graduate school, find a decent job, or start his own business. His life was at a crossroads.

His parents have found him a job in a public institution, and he can work after graduation. However, he began to act as a "yuan Zu" agent during his college years and has a business sense. He is particularly fond of the cake market. After some thought, he told his parents about the idea. The parents did not understand at the beginning, finally, but his persistence, had to nod.

After his parents, Tao began to choose the location, find the master, and decorate the store, and every little detail in the store is hands-on. Under THE GUIDANCE OF THE OLD MASTER AND his GROPING, "XIN TIAN BAKERY NEW ROAD SHOP" officially opened on December 26, 2006.

High-quality materials, and good taste, quickly won the customer's love, and also won a good report card. The success of the operation soon made the second and third chain stores of "Xintian Bakery" appear in the streets of Shaoxing. Tao Liqun also completed a magnificent turn from a student to a businessman.

The dream is to make the most delicious cake

Tens of thousands of companies are set up in Zhongguancun every year, but less than 3% of them are still alive after three years. As for the startups of college students, it is probably 3% of this 3%. Although Shaoxing was not as cruel as Zhongguancun, it also faced fierce commercial competition. Especially in the cake industry, more than 20 years ago, the first cake store "Spring bud" appeared in Shaoxing, and then "Yadu", and "Yuan Zu" have been stationed in Shaoxing.

This year, "New language baking", "Zixi bread" and flowering. How to effectively seize market share, retain customers and prevent "Xintian Bakery" from becoming a flash in the pan in the cake market has become Tao's primary problem.

"A worker who wants to do a good job must first sharpen his tools." Having studied business administration for many years, he knows that quality is the lifeline to the market. Only by adhering to excellent baking quality can Xintian Baking stand firm. Choose the best material, and hire the best master.

Tao Liqun said that only by presenting the best in front of customers and treating cake management not only as a commodity transaction but also as a considerate service for customers, can we make the most delicious cakes.

Go from a cake shop to casual

Tao studied business administration, which has nothing to do with making cakes. Many of the things that New Day Bake deals in require learning to do on the fly. When the reporter asked how to start, and how to solve the problems encountered in the business, Tao Lixin gave the reporter a word - build atomic bombs can learn, what can not?

In college, Mr. Tao also ran a leisure bar, though he didn't know anything, like where to buy coffee beans or how to find good varieties. Still, he always believed there was nothing he couldn't learn. With this belief, the leisure bar was soon favored by teachers and students and stood out among many restaurants in the school.

For Tao Liqun, "Xintian Baking" has also experienced a casual bar style of breaking out of the cocoon. After experiencing the process of not being able to meet the meeting and not knowing what to know, Tao Liqun understands one thing: ability is not the key. Opportunity is always around, do not hesitate, seize it decisively, do it first, and then, in the process of doing continuous improvement. One action is worth ten thoughts.

Psychologist William James said, "If you plant actions, you reap habits; Sow the habit and you will reap the character; Sow character and you reap a destiny." Bold attempt and bold action in Tao Liqun had a very good confirmation.

A lot of times you can't do without friends

The most difficult thing for college students to start a business is financial support. Some college students with empty ambition and talent, suffering from lack of certain funds had to give up. In the eyes of his peers, Tao is undoubtedly lucky. In his entrepreneurial road, family, love, and friendship, one is not missing.

Tao said that the threshold of starting a business is getting higher and higher. At that time, the capital needed to rent a "Xintian bakery" was more than 100,000 yuan. In addition, the introduction of pastry processing machines and the funds to hire pastry chefs were unbearable for a student who just stepped out of the gate.

Fortunately, he had the support of his father, who also started from scratch when he was young. He understood and agreed with his son's entrepreneurial passion and gave him full support in terms of funds.

During the interview, Tao's girlfriend sat quietly in another corner. After the strangeness was gradually eliminated, the reporter learned from her mouth that she is now studying abroad, taking advantage of the holiday to return home, and came to accompany Tao Liqun. When Tao was working, she would silently accompany him and share the joy of success after completion, so that time was as soft and sweet as cake.

"I rely on my parents at home and friends when I go out." Tao Liqun deeply understood the meaning of this sentence. After all, he told reporters, the power of one person and one family is limited. After the New Day Bakery opened, many places could not do without the support of friends. Tao Liqun also regards his friends very seriously. He often says that the matter of his friends is also his matter!

Finally, Tao Liqun said, we should sincerely thank our parents, girlfriend, and friends, because of them, Xintian Bakery is now perfect.


One old and one young, their career may not be particularly big, but we can see from them the hardships and tenacity of entrepreneurs. At the same time, we can also see from them that entrepreneurship requires not only passion but also down-to-earth, step by step. Believe, pay will always be rewarded, time will tell everything.


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