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The Dangers of Miranda Sings

A Youtuber's true colors are revealed

By Paige Published 12 months ago 5 min read

I've never been a huge fan of Miranda Sings (Colleen Ballenger) I always felt strange when I tried to watch any of her videos. I didn't know why.

I just didn't seem to understand what the big deal was with her. I knew some of my friends watched her. But I found her weird so I stayed away. I didn't understand how and why she was famous. She didn't seem funny to me and I always felt uncomfortable. when I watched anything that involved her. I didn't quite understand her hype and

Over the last few weeks. Miranda's creator and actor Colleen Ballenger has been exposed by many of her former fans who were mistreated and exposed to sexual content from Colleen as minors. Adam McIntyre was the first to come out against Colleen in 2020. He released a video titled Colleen stop lying. He mentioned how Colleen was making up all sorts of stories that ended up not being true. Adam wanted her to apologize for such behavior. Colleen responded to that orginal video. (it wasn't a great apology) and eventually, that issue was resolved.

Adam had a parasocial relationship with Colleen as a minor as he was involved in a minor group chat with Colleen known as the weenies. A few weeks ago Adam released a video explaining everything that happened involving Colleen including but not limited to, Asking all sorts of inappropriate questions regarding Adam's body as well as sending him linguae. (When Adam was only thirteen). Adam was also temporarily employed by Colleen for her social media for little to no pay. As well as being someone for Colleen to confide in while she was dealing with divorce. Adam didn't realize all these problems at first because he thought he was Colleen's friend. When the divorce happened it was the night before Adam's fourteenth birthday. he stayed up until four in the morning "Comforting Colleen"

Colleen went to a fan instead of an adult friend or a therapist for her very grown-up problem which is disgusting. No person should tell a child their problems. Kids cannot comprehend things like this as other adults can. It is not a child's responsiblity in any capacity to help n adult deal with their problems.

Other fans such as a girl named Becky who attended one of Colleen's shows where Colleen acting as Miranda called Becky up on stage and made her get into an open leg position where Miranda (Colleen) played a fart sound and ran away. Colleen has many moments in her live performances as well as her youtube videos as Miranda. Where there's talk of sexual references, Racism, Ableism, etc. Colleen even said at one point her Miranda character was based on her disabled cousin. Part of Miranda's character involves her uncle who Colleen refers to as a "P" word. She also created "The Daddy saddle." Which was used so she (Miranda) would ride on her Uncle's back. (see how many sexual references are used throughout all of this?)

Colleen has not properly apologized for any of this extremely inapropiate behavior. She believes all of this is not her fault and she thinks Adam and other former fans made up all of this for clout when there is tons of evidence not just from Adam but many other fans who have experienced Colleen's gross behavior firsthand.

Another fan Kodee Tyler originally sided with Adam about this whole situation but then Colleen got into contact with Kodee and made her believe that Adam lied about the whole thing. This isn't true at all because there are screenshots and video evidence proving all of this. Colleen has uploaded a ten-minute ukelele song Apology. But it's not an apology at all. She accuses the fans of making this all up and basically tries to make light of a very disgusting situation through song. No one got apologized to and the video is over eight minutes long which means she can still get money from that video. Colleen is saying that all of this is fake and we all need to get off the "Toxic, Gossip Train." As she refers to it in her little song.

This video is now part of a long list of terrible youtuber apologies.

Colleen has also been a terrible person to work with in regard to her Netflix series. Haters Back Off! She wanted to include a ton of sexual content in that show then there already was according to April Korto Qouih. Who was the Writer's Assistant, Showrunner's Assistant/PA. On the show. When a person of color tried to audition. There wasn't good enough lighting in the room and Colleen decided to blurt out. "Where is he I can't see him?" she wanted the show to take place in Washington state and didn't want lots of people of color invloved in her show as she believed it was too distracting. Colleen has been problematic for years despite everyone knowing she was. No one was brave enough to come forward until now.

Colleen has shown that she is a narcissist and a person who should not be in the spotlight. She has three children and doesn't love her twins as much as she loves her firstborn son and that's evident as she refers to Finley as a sweet little boy and the twins as brats or the twins. She also puts her young kids on the internet and her siblings post their kids lives on the internet too.

Colleen's dad is also into some very disgusting things. (You can find it in his public youtube profile) This shows us that it's not just Colleen. It's her whole family too.

Youtubers are an important part of kids lives from a young age and makes people famous for either right or wrong reasons.

Colleen is a example of what happens when other people are done staying silent about what happened to them that was terrifying or traumitizing.

If you are a parent please monitor what your kids see and do on the internet. They could end up being exposed to something terrible that no child should ever see or be exposed to.

To vloggers. Please don't share your kid's private life on the internet let them be kids.

To the victims, I hope you know that we are here for you and see you. You are not alone and didn't deserve what Colleen did to you. It is not your fault.

Adam's videos about Colleen below


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