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The 2 Big Love Myths That Will Always Make You Suffer

by kikolo162 2 months ago in love
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The 2 Big Love Myths That Will Always Make You Suffer
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You are with a partner or perhaps you are afraid to commit to a relationship, for several reasons: you no longer wish to suffer because you are no longer respected, you have fallen into an affective dependence where you are dominated, you you may be the victim of toxic jealousy, you can no longer be fulfilled, you feel like you are giving a lot without getting something in return, you no longer feel that you are considered at your fair value, you are simply disappointed.

In fact, for deeper reasons that go back to the traumas of your childhood the notion of love is broken and the reality behind this you are simply not aware of how true love works. Love is an art first and foremost. If you have difficulty in loving and you suffer in love it is because you do not know the truths anchored, moreover, you have never been taught what it means in-depth.

If you knew, you would probably be in a fulfilling, rich and lasting relationship. Because if you are not aware of the information that will be delivered in this article, you will end up like the 98 percent of people who will suffer in love. It's not too late to get access to this information if you're already in a relationship, and it will be helpful for you to know before entering into a relationship to ensure guaranteed success.

Myth One: Differentiating between “desire” and “state of love”, why do we fail in love?

We live in a society that is driven by cravings and selfish consumption. Here you have to know the difference between “falling” in love and “being” in love. Many people find themselves in the first case, which is only an illusion. This sudden miracle of attraction between two people is driven by unsustainable sexual desire. The two people involved end up getting used to each other.

It is from this moment that the shared intimacy loses this miracle. And there the boredom and the disappointments set in. And at the beginning, these two beings do not suspect anything because the intensity and the infatuation for the other put them in a crazy state which makes them believe in a state of love. While in the end it only reveals the degree of their loneliness they felt before the meeting.

Today an incalculable number of people get together to fill this need for loneliness, even worse let us mention in particular, which jumps from relationship to relationship, to put a bandage on the pain felt compared to the previous breakup. This person's emotions always lead him to his downfall. Now you're going to tell me, why does a person act like this and try to fill their inner emptiness? Quite simply because the human being acts by emotions and justifies everything by reason.

The emotional is an integral part of the human being, which is difficult to manage and which has not been taken into account sufficiently in our development since our youngest age. So to overcome this problem, you must first learn self-control, which gives a more rational and thoughtful aspect to the decisions you are going to make during your life.

Let's not forget that we can never change the attitude of others, the only attitude we can change is our own. Once this attitude in us is modified then the elements external to us, will also gradually change their aspect. The attitude and the way you think, the way you feel, and the way you behave or act.

It is simply emotional intelligence that you can put to your advantage. To do this, you can start working on patience, which is a virtue that is little exploited at the moment. It will simply save you from the disasters that will happen in your life...

How do overcome all these problems?

Now that you've learned that it's your desires and emotions that make the mess, you need to understand love in-depth. As we said earlier, love is an art, just as living is an art. If we want to learn to love again, we must proceed in the same way as to learn any art.

These include music, painting, medicine, and mechanics. And sometimes to learn something you have to unlearn what you have always believed in. First of all, we must stop letting ourselves be influenced by society, which sets us a model of success by emphasizing success, money, and glory above all else.


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