Summer of Love

by Arianna Ned 2 years ago in love

Summer was always the time for love.

At age twelve, I thought I was madly in love with this guy that my friend introduced me to, but the only thing wrong about it was that it was a long distance relationship. Ever since girls were little, they dreamed about how their first relationship would be all romantic, so that’s how I thought my first romance would be, but things changed real fast as the years changed. At a young age, I found out that love was not meant for me.

During the summer before I went to high school, my friend gave my number to this random guy I didn’t know, but when I saw the text message from the unknown number, I was scared my number was found out by some psycho that was going to kill me. I was a little scared opening the message. When I read his message, it was a normal message telling me his name and how he got my number. Following his message was a text from my friend telling me that she gave my number to a guy that she knew. I forgave her really fast because I’d known her since fourth grade and she was the longest friend I'd ever had; she knew how badly I wanted a boyfriend but how I was too shy to ever put myself out there. I decided to message the guy back. It surprised me the most that I actually liked talking to him. To me, this guy was giving me the romance and love that I wanted. This relationship was like my golden ticket to the chocolate factory.

After a week of talking to him, he asked me out and I said yes. I was the happiest I had ever been in my life. I thought things would go more smoothly for me now, but my sister sold me out to my aunt and uncle for a dollar that I had a boyfriend. At twelve, my parents wanted to be very involved in my life, so they made a rule that if me or my sister wanted a boyfriend, they would have to meet him first. So I lied to my parents and everyone in my family and told them my sister was lying to get me in trouble. The only way I could get out of trouble was to break up with him so my parents wouldn't find out, so I did exactly that.

By the time everything had calmed down and I got my phone back, I saw that, over the course of two weeks, there were so many messages from the guy telling me he wanted me back. Being a hopeless romantic, I did not care about what happened next. I agreed for a second time because, at twelve, I was in love with this guy, but I would have never guessed that would not be my last time taking him back. Summer soon ended and it was time for school to start and I was happy to go so that I wouldn’t be watched like a hawk at home; whenever I got a message, my parents would always ask who it was. Me and the guy were always messaging each other telling each other we loved the other. I was on cloud nine whenever he messaged me. The sound of his messages was like the sound of our futures together getting brighter with each message.

In due time, the guy broke up with me, saying he wanted time to himself. At the tender age of thirteen, I had my heart broken over something so little. Just days later he messaged me again asking me out for a third time. Being blinded by the love I felt for him, I said yes like an idiot. Throughout our entire relationship, we broke up with each other almost every week. The most painful breakup was not the first or the last time, it was when he accused me of cheating on him when I barely even looked at another guy while I was dating him. I gave this guy so many chances after that, but the last straw was when he started flirting with the friend that set us up. When she told me this, my heart closed itself off even more because me and him just got back together not even six hours before. The moment she told me this, I broke up with him for good, never responding to his messages or thinking about him as much.

This year has taught me many things, like how love is a thing that is hard to understand; a feeling I have never had for anyone but my family. I realized that, if I had to tell my family lies and could not be open with them, then it was not the right time to fall in love. Love is something you shouldn’t have to lie about if the feelings you feel are real. At twelve and thirteen, love was something that came easy, but it soon stopped. Soon if I don’t fall for the right person.

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