Stained Mirrors

by LaKisha Jeter 2 years ago in love

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Stained Mirrors

Why are we so hard headed when it comes to the love in our lives? Some sit still and wait on the love of our lives. Others stay in a relationship that they know is no good for them. While most of us get in love and mess it up because of past hurt.

Put yourself in this scene: You’re sitting in your bedroom at your vanity mirror. You think of that crush, the love of your life, or the one that you let slip away. A smile comes across your face as you think of the good memories or the memories that you would create if you had that ONE in your life. You pick up your lipstick and you begin to draw a heart on the mirror. That one little heart symbolizes so much. It symbolizes your heart's desires; everything that you could ever dream of when it comes to being in love with that special person.

I've done that. Hell, I even got the tattoo on my arm. There was a time that I sat in that very spot and dreamt of a love that would knock every bad perception that I had of love out of my head. I even had tears falling down my face. I yearned to be loved like I love. I give it effortlessly and unconditionally. I wanted that warm feeling of being tied to the heart of someone else. I also held a fear because I wondered if the pain and scars from my past would cost me to mess up my next good thing. We all have some insecurities that stand in our mind from our past life experiences. Love is funny like that. It can be the most beautiful thing to be in but there can be a dark side that comes along with it if you indulge in the wrong kind of love. And I am sure we’ve all been through that side of it. You can have your heart broken and it can leave you scared, bitter, and thinking that you are lacking something. You can waste years of your life wondering what it was about you that caused someone to do you wrong. You cry yourself to sleep believing somewhere in your mind that you are not worthy of love, real true and true love. I know… I've been there, lived it, bought a shirt, and signed my name on the damn wall. *Yes, I just laughed out loud.* I can look back and laugh at it NOW. It was a lesson learned. A lesson I didn't want to go through but now I am glad that I did.

Going through hard things; no one WANTS to go through things that bring them down to their knees. But best believe that being down there, you will stand up to it and in standing, it is beneath your feet.

Back to this love thing. Have you ever sat and wondered where you would be in love? Read that again and really think about it. Where would you be mentally? Would you be second-guessing yourself or would you allow yourself to really fall all the way in love? Would you be strong enough to walk through the mud with your mate? Would you have the ability to allow yourself to accept what's being given to you?

Love... the right kind, that kind you had in your mind at that mirror will be the most beautiful feeling in your life. You won't let those thoughts of your past creep in. For one, your mate, won't allow it. He/She will get you the confirmation that you need. Let's be truthful, we all go through shit in our daily lives and sometimes we just NEED to know that we are the one above anybody else. We NEED to know that we matter to someone and that we are wanted in every way. GO to that place. Let it in!!

Have you pulled out your lipstick yet?

How does it work?
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