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Solving loneliness

How to solve loneliness

By Umar Farid Published 4 months ago 3 min read
Solving loneliness
Photo by Martin Dalsgaard on Unsplash

To live alone in this dense forest and that too of an old lady... it was very surprising for me

It is about the time of establishment of Europe... I was staying with my friend in London... One day she said to me, "Let me take you for a walk in the forest."
"Not in the forest, baba, I am afraid to go there."
"There is little to be afraid of. I will introduce you to my aunt."
I asked in surprise.

"Yes, she lives in the forest."
"So does she live alone in the forest?"
"There are some more people … but there are very few houses".
I reluctantly went with her to meet my friend's Aunt Grace. An hour's drive into the woods...we both started looking for Aunt Grace in a small house. She was preparing tea in the kitchen, maybe she had got the information about our arrival.
She happily came out of the kitchen to meet both of us.
"Aunt Grace, this is my friend from Pakistan".
"Welcome my darling". He said while kissing my mouth. We were both sitting in the living room at that time. Aunt Grace had made tea and brought it along with chocolates and biscuits. While drinking tea, I started to look around the house.
The deserted house and that too was one of the three or four houses in this dense forest....there were three or four more houses at some distance....mostly the hunters came and stayed there....except the watchmen and No one lived, but this old lady was so brave that she was living alone in this house. The whole house was haunted.

"Aunty, you live alone in this house, don't you have children?"
"There are two children"
So where are you?
"They are married, they are busy in their own homes, they come sometimes".
I was getting very scared at that time, so I sat down and asked her, "Aunty, you don't feel afraid in the house alone... I mean, if there was a house in the city, there was no shame in living alone, but living alone like this is too much." It is difficult."

"I do not live alone...many people live with me"
After drinking tea, she took us to the verandah..brought a whistle from the room and started playing the whistle. There were beautiful colorful birds. They smiled. And began to tell.

"These are my companions..they eat with me..I talk to them..I see there are many children..." she was saying while kissing the mouth of a bird. Looking at Grace who seemed happy with the birds... Seeing my astonishment, she turned to me.
"Not only the birds are my children, but also two cats and two dogs.
I was worried and could not ask. To be alone in this thick forest and that too of an old lady... It was very surprising for me... Only birds had their children. Aunt Grace called the two cats and they quietly came and sat near her... The dogs were roaming somewhere at that time.
"Aunty these animals i.e. dogs and cats do not fight with each other".

"At first they used to have fights but I have spent a lot of effort in training them. Now they are so civilized and disciplined that as soon as they try to fight... then as soon as they get my cue, they quietly do their own thing. They sit in places.
I kept thinking that it takes a lot of time to train a human...but he trained animals and birds. This brave woman had found a solution to her loneliness... she was very happy with birds, cats and dogs... and one of us who cannot be happy with humans. I was thinking while coming back. There are different kinds of people living in this world... There is only one God who gives people a chance to live.



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