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By Umar Farid Published 3 months ago 3 min read
Photo by Emiliano Vittoriosi on Unsplash

Please forgive me, I have abused you a lot, come with me and I will introduce you to your grandson.

Shiraz had married Sara willingly but still he was not happy because he was tired of fulfilling her daily requests. A year passed like this. Shiraz did not realize the passage of time and a The dear little son was placed in their arms by nature. Both were very happy. The child was born in the hospital and other people's children were born on the same day.
Someone was with his mother, someone with his sister, but Shiraz was running for Sara alone. The woman in the bed with him also had a son. There was a fountain of laughter and happiness. His mother-in-law and Nand was giving charity to him. The child was being loved while he was standing alone next to Sara.
Both were silent but happiness was evident on their faces.

Nature blessed him with Narina in the first year.
Shiraz was lost in thoughts while bringing tea biscuits for Sara, when the grandmother of the child in the next bed said, "Congratulations, son, Allah has blessed you with a beautiful child, where are the child's grandfather and grandmother?"
Yes, my father has passed away a long time ago.
"And mother... she too?" When the old woman said, Shiraz got a shock.

"No, they are in this world, I am reporting now."
"You haven't told your mother about such a happy news, it's surprising," she said and started loving her grandson.
Shiraz started thinking storms. He should have called Ami but her number was deleted by Sara. What should I do now? He thought for a while and started to take out his bike.
The door of the house was open and Ammi was lying on a cot reciting the Tasbih. Her eyes were closed. She had no idea of Shiraz's arrival, she was reciting the Tasbih in her mind. Shiraz was standing regretfully. He had been preparing himself to talk to her for a long time. After all, where to begin. He had not even done anything good to Ami.
At the time of his father's death, he was only three years old, his mother raised him as a father. And he came to Sara's request and left his mother. There was no one. Tears were falling from his eyes with regret.
Suddenly Ami's eyes opened and she kept the tasbeeh aside and sat down. Shiraz was standing on one side crying and crying and his hiccups stopped, then Ami turned and looked.
As soon as he saw him, he said, "Shiraz, why are you crying, my son?" He came close to him and said while wiping his tears.
"Mummy, mummy..." He was crying like a girl clinging to his mother's chest. In his thirty-three years of life, he had not cried as much as he had today.
"My son, why are you crying for my donations? Cry, your enemies, clean your mouth. If someone sees, what will they say? I am making tea right now."

"No mom, I didn't drink tea. Please forgive me, I have abused you a lot. Come with me, I will introduce you to your grandson."
The mother turned her face to the other side and said, "Son, Sara will let me meet my grandson? How are you talking?"
"Mom, it will be what I want. Sara will do what I order. You go to the hospital. Your daughter-in-law and grandson are waiting for you."
Ami wipes Khushi's tears with a scarf and sits on the bike with Shiraz, who sets off on a beautiful journey full of joy.

Please forgive me, I have abused you a lot, come with me and I will introduce you to your grandson.

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  • Margaret Brennan3 months ago

    great story. so much of true life in it. I can see my family in almost every sentence.

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