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Signs You Feel Insecure Around Your Partner

If you are in a relationship and sometimes feel anxious around your partner you might be exhibiting signs you feel insecure around your partner.

By Miranda O'ConnerPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

If you just started a relationship with someone or have been dating them for a while, there are times when you might feel insecure. It's okay to have occasional insecurities. But it can be worrisome if you are consistently questioning your partner and not feeling loved and protected by them.

You are most likely asking yourself why you feel insecure around your partner? There are several reasons why you might feel insecure around your partner and signs that point to this insecurity. I am going to briefly break down the underlying signs you feel self-conscious around your partner.

You are always apologizing to your partner.

If you are consistently apologizing to your partner even when you did nothing wrong it is a very evident sign you are insecure about your relationship and are most likely in an unhealthy relationship. Also, it's clear that you have such low self-esteem because you are apologizing for something you didn't even do. It's better to have your partner admit they were wrong and discuss the issue. Saying "I'm sorry" might clear things up for the short term but in the long run, it will make you insecure.

You are too reliant on your partner and give up your independence.

If someone is the right partner for you, you should be able to be yourself as well as share common interests with your partner. In a relationship, it is never healthy to become completely dependent on your partner and forget who you are as a person. This is a tell tale sign you feel insecure around your partner. Your partner wants to be with you because they like your personality and want to learn more about you as a person. It is not exciting to be with someone who does not stay true to themselves and becomes overly infatuated with their partner.

You are afraid of being rejected.

You feel insecure around your partner if you are very nervous of being rejected. You should be allowed to be yourself and not change your mindset just to please your partner. If you are worried about sharing your opinion and are frequently copying your partner's feelings these are obvious signs you feel insecure around your partner. Also, it can be a reason for why and your partner feel trapped in a relationship.

You freak out if your partner does not answer you.

In this age of digital technology, everyone is consistently texting one another and checking their phones on a daily basis. If you are overreacting that they have not called you back or answered your text message, you may be showings signs you feel insecure around you partner. No one enjoys being with a person who is too needy. If your partner has not answered their phone or replied to a message after a few hours it is most likely because they are busy with work or forgot to reply. It is not wise to check your phone excessively and have a mini panic if they have not answered you. Unless it is an emergency you don't want your partner to feel pressured that they need to drop everything and answer you.

You are avoiding awkward conversations with your partner.

If you are intentionally avoiding having awkward or harsh conversations with your partner it means that you would rather hide your feelings than face an issue up front. This is one of the most obvious signs you feel insecure around your partner. You should always feel comfortable talking to your partner regardless if they agree with you or not.

You get easily jealous when your partner hangs out with people of the opposite sex.

If you are always feeling jealous because your partner is socializing with someone of the opposite sex that is a simple sign why you feel insecure around your partner. Unless you are suspicious of your partner cheating on you, you should not be worried about them hanging out with a person of the opposite sex.

You are always looking for validation from your partner.

If you are consistently asking your partner for validation that is one of the biggest signs you feel insecure around your partner. By asking for validation you are proving that you rely on them to make you feel secure. You should not need your partner's approval to feel good about yourself. You should have enough self-esteem and confidence to feel okay without your partner's approval. If you don't have enough confidence without your partner's affirmation then you might need to end the relationship.

You over analyze every situation.

If you are over analyzing every situation on a daily basis that is a telltale sign for why you feel insecure around your partner. You should not be constantly studying everything that occurs between you and your partner. It is not healthy to analyze things that are not a huge issue. It is better to accept what happens and move on without worrying too much.

Each of these situations is a possible sign you feel insecure around your partner. If you do feel insecure around them you should either make changes in how you interact with your partner or you should get out of the relationship. A relationship is supposed to be happy and exciting since you are with someone you love. If your partner is not allowing you to feel confident then they might not be the right person for you.


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