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Rock and Rain

by Ayman Baroudi 10 months ago in dating
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Some days, all I really want is to be able to hug you under the rain and let you feel my warmth.

No, Barbra was not the woman to attract men from the first look, nor the second, and the mirrors were not gentler to hide that painful fact.

“The dinner is ready.” Barbra’s mother called from the kitchen and got no response. Barbra was lying in bed while her mind was in the fairy tales’ world where a frog loves a prince and a fish suffer from falling in love with a bird.

“The dinner is ready.”

Barbra heard her mother calling again and again but gave no response. She was now in the middle of writing a short story saying, ‘Alone in the rain, I stood waiting for nothing. A blind man came strolling down the street. The rain got heavier, and the blind man was about to slip and fall. I rushed to help him. He looked so charming and handsome as the man of my dreams.”

“The dinner is ready.”

Barbra ignored her mother’s call; she was busy-minded, choosing a convenient job for the protagonist of her short story. ‘A rock star music composer!’ She thought because she liked music. But with a second thought, she decided to give him the music teacher’s job. ‘Yes, a music teacher who is still trying to find his way in writing good music.’

“The dinner is ready.”

Barbra knew her mother was desperately calling her for dinner. ‘She’s worried about me being isolated in my room most of the day, eating almost nothing.’ But it was not the right time to eat. Barbra was busier in finding a name for the blind music teacher who happily accepted her offer to accompany him to the nearby music school.

‘savior, I would call him my savior,’ she thought happily. Hence, he was not someone in particular but anyone who could take her out of her melancholy.

“The dinner is ready.”

Barbra now was hot, visualizing that she had hugged her savior’s palm. And he had come closer to her to be under her umbrella, safe from the falling rain. ‘I could feel his warmness, smell his manhood fragrance.’ She wrote, ‘I spoke with him along the wet road about my philosophy that reality was overrated and that dreams were more valuable than facts. I read him some of my poems and asked him if he ever had felt the rain sympathetic the same as today.’

“The dinner is ready.”

What dinner! Barbra was already in her magical world. She revised her poems on diving through bottomless oceans and climbing endless mountains.

She recalled her dream to have a honeymoon in Capri to feel the ocean water on her skin and make love on the beach hiding among glistening rocks.

'There in Capri,' she thought. 'We would sail along with the magical Blue Grotto. And go through a natural cavern filled with an ethereal and eerie light reflecting on the remarkably blue water.'

It didn't matter that her savior was blind; she determent to make him see the beauty of earth planet through her eyes.'

“The dinner is ready.”

‘Following our legendry meeting at that enormous raining day, my savior and I became so close together. My savior felt we were twin flame, two halves of one soul. But I preferred the feeling that we were a soul mate, cut from the same energetic cloth.’ Barbra wrote, ‘Nevertheless, my savior and I were meant to help awaken and challenge each other so we could become a better version of ourselves. I moved from my apartment to live with my savior and dedicated my time to help him composing good rock songs. The kind of Songs put the audience on edge, encourage them to do something dangerous, and fight against the system. I took the responsibility of writing memorable lyrics, unforgettable hooks, and choruses that are easy to sing along to.’

Barbra noticed that her mother was not calling her for diner anymore. ‘That’s good,’ she thought and picked up her poems to revise them in a fresh eye. To Barbra’s surprise, she found in her poems what was needed to have good rock songs. They were lyrics about rebellion, taking risks to have a better life and the revolt, which put the audience on edge.



Morning time when Barbra left her house, it was raining heavily. The blind man was walking down the street. He had been crossing this road daily and at the same time for ages.

Today Barbra was not hesitant as usual; she had made up her mind and decided what she was supposed to do. She approached the blind man in confidence, introduced herself as a rock songwriter, and offered to accompany him to the nearby music school.

Along the wet road, Barbra never stopped talking. She talked about her philosophy that reality was overrated and that dreams were more valuable than facts. She recited some of her poems and asked her companion if he ever had felt the rain sympathetic the same as today.

At the door of the music school and before saying goodbye, the blind man asked Barbra if they could dine together that night to talk about music and other issues. Luckily he couldn’t see the tears of happiness in Barbra’s eyes, but he could feel from the vibration in her voice that her spirits were flying high, very high up to the sky.



Barbra rushed back home and looked in the mirror. Her face was expressing joy and delight, and her affectionate smile exposed her bright teeth. Even the few wrinkles around her outer nose ran to the outer corners of her lip. To her surprise, She looked ok and better than ever.

“The breakfast is ready.” Barbra’s mother called from the kitchen and got no response.

Barbra was now in a different world. She put on rock music and started to dance. Her body went on faster and faster, following the rhythm and the distinguished sound of the electric guitar. She recalled again her dream to have a honeymoon in Capri. Going deeper in her imagination, she felt as if the ocean water was wetting her skin, making her impatient. And can’t wait to dine with her savior – the first date in her lifetime.


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