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Reds will only be spoiled, the road to promotion in the workplace, these points give you through

Able people will be rehired

By cly mumfordPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
Reds will only be spoiled, the road to promotion in the workplace, these points give you through
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A company employee, Li Cong, is shrewd, efficient, can talk, very much appreciated by the leadership, walking and sitting are not forgotten to take him. Usually, if the company has any difficult things, will often send him to deal with, very trustworthy leadership.

Near the end of the year, the company needs to re-adjust the use of several cadres, Li Cong feels that the relationship with the leadership is very iron, they did not take it to heart, confident that the leadership will certainly think of him.

However, things turned out to be unexpected for Li, as the leader appointed Lin Shuo, a product manager with excellent working ability, rich experience,d young age, to be promoted to the president of product development.

Faced with this unexpected situation, Xiao Li, who thought he was "the only one who could do it" before promotion, was baffled and disappointed.

One is a red person in the eyes of the leadership, a leader in the eyes of the capable people, the same promotion position, but has a different ending, where is the reason, the next step to do? Today, I would like to share with you the topic of workplace promotion.

The leader's opinion is not the same as your weight, two different things

The key to promotion is not how you behave personally, but what you do for the unit. In the workplace, when it comes to promotions and pay rises, there is often wishful thinking that I have worked hard and should be how I am.

It is easy for the author himself to think of "The Glory of the Ordinary" in which Wu Kezhi said to new employee Sun Yichou: "In the unit, who does not work hard, and who does not work hard?"

Workplace jobs

Therefore, the self-perception, or indeed the leadership's eyes of the red man, the protagonist, but not necessarily will become the company's capable, main force.

What the leader value is perhaps your loyalty, your character, your seriousness, or even your other resources, but these are not always strongly associated with the promotion of the position and play a decisive role.

In other words, what the leader values in you may be because you are a good person, but not a good person at work.

Why do you feel that you have the right person in your life, but the right person is in another job?

In the workplace, there are many unexpected situations, such as promotion since they think they will be "on the list", but the results are "famous" is entirely possible, then, why exactly will there be such a situation?

First, the timing of the problem

Leaders value you, but the transfer is about timing, at the right time, to promote the right people, reflecting the leadership of the right level of employment.

For example, near the end of the year, usually with your work performance are similar to the player, but it happens to be in the early promotion, completed a very difficult work, and you and his quality ability are not similar, but such an opportunity did not fall to your head. In this regard, the leadership will inevitably have the probability of choosing the staff with stronger instructions at the moment, as the object of promotion.

Many times, the timing is not right, and the effort is in vain, originally the position should belong to you, but it is because of studying away, off-site travel, and other factors that appear, making the failure of success, is also possible. Therefore, do not have the "both born you, why born bright" lament.

The second is the location of the problem

This has little to do with the leadership's regard for and their ability. For example, the company pre-promoted position is a technical post, but you are a management post origin. Then, even if your ability quality is strong, but with the position to be engaged in the match for zero, this situation, in which the leadership is unlikely to take the risk of pushing you to the foreground.

Thirdly, the question of trade-offs

In addition to the quality of ability, business skills, interpersonal relations, mass base, etc., promotion and many other factors such as education, and e, experience in the service, need to be weighed to decide whether to promote.

For example, if you are 80 years old, and the promotion is 90 years old the company will choose 90 years old, because, this can effectively reduce the cost of talent training, but also can be very good to lengthen the use of talent cycle, cost-effective

Since it is not as good as you want it to be, how can you expect it to be?

There are nine out of ten things in life that are not as good as they should be. This is also true in the workplace. How do you cope? The most crucial thing is to achieve the red man and the able man to eat, specifically.

1, steady God, do not worry about the loss

The one or two promotions in the workplace, although the impact but can not determine your entire career. What's more, this time did not adjust to their own, the next time may be adjusted too.

Previously, I heard an old leader say something like this, "transfer, have to rely on dry, more rely on boiling." If just because of one or two career losses, and become distracted, all day for the promotion of things, no essence, will be depressed, can precisely show your immaturity, but also to a certain extent prove that you are still not suitable for higher positions.

2, calm down, do not complain full of belly

As the leadership usually values people, in the process of job adjustment, it is impossible not to be considered, but the result is to promote others, as the leadership may also be unwilling to see, unless, the leadership previously did not take into account you. And at this point, you are therefore whining around, talking about the wind, saying catching the wind, is not appropriate.

It can be said that there is no impermeable wall, when inappropriate whining words, are spread to the leadership that values you, the leadership will certainly be very disappointed, even if the next opportunity, there may not be considered again.

3, the end of the rack, does not pile up midway pick

Can fully reflect your maturity, in addition, the mouth does not say much, and some actions do not go. In other words, how the work is still how what kind of standard, still maintain what kind of standard, do not because of a moment of anger, and make impulsive things, and even appear "broken" scenario.

If so, the chances of turning around and regaining promotion will be very slim.

4, hold on to the roots, do not pursue

In the workplace, the most fundamental is responsible for their own, responsible for their growth, if, the leadership value, the personal ability is not bad, promotion time is more appropriate, etc., that is, in the state of nearly no promote themselves.

Then, there is only one reason, see you soft, good bully. If this is the case, or keep the determination to develop in the workplace in the long term, the normal submission of resignation applications, is not a lost path.

In the workplace, many times valued and reused, are not exactly equal to the results, just a possibility, we need to set our mindset, and adjust the state, to maintain the normal, so that is the workplace people fast growth posture.

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