Real Friends or Fake Friends?

by Ethan Rennie 11 months ago in friendship

Helpful tips to figure out who really wants you.

Real Friends or Fake Friends?

Many people have problems with knowing who their real friends are in the world and who is playing along. Whether it be for gossip, money or the beautiful house you live in, everyone needs to learn the clues and signs of a fake friend.

Two-Faced Friends

To kick things off, the good ol’ two-faced, snarky ‘friends.’ These are most likely the ones who always ask you, “What happened between you and...” then continue to ask question after question, as if they are looking to employ you. These types of people are the two-faced gossip seeking ‘friends.’ When speaking to these awful, horrid people, you need to watch what you say. The best way to describe them is, they are spies, gathering information and data for their counterparts. However, instead of gaining info to bring your army to a halt or produce an ambush, they gain the information to share with others—others who you wish wouldn’t know your deepest darkest secrets. They judge you, they say they are sorry that things didn’t work out, however they are not sorry. They just don’t want to blow their cover. They relay this info back to their general, who will not only relay it onwards, faster than the Jamaican 4x100m relay team, but will manipulate this info for themselves. Maybe try to steal your ex. You may never know their true intentions.

The Complimenter

Another type of ‘friend’ is the complimenter. It’s part of human nature to like being complimented, and we, in turn, often like those who are complimenting us. The complimenter throws you with praise and appreciation to get close to you fast. You need to question why they want to get close to you so quickly. What are their goals? It could mean they have confidence issues and are genuinely a great and kind person, but it could also mean they want something very particular from you, and not your friendship. As great as this may seem, be wary if this is the opposite sex, as we all know what some boys/girls want. However you can thank the fake friend gods as they luckily are easy to spot.

The Social Climber

Another of these ‘friends’ is the social climber. They see friends as others may see expensive clothes or items, something that makes them look good. In their minds they are constantly judging everyone they associate themselves with, and are ready to drop you or any friend if they feel they are no longer needed as they climb the social ladder. They only associate with you if it suits them, and have little regard for your feelings or wants.

The Rival

To round off this incredible list of false friends is the rival. We all have a rival or have had a rival friend in our lives. Some perceive it as a good thing, others perceptions are opposite. The rival is the least subtle of all fake friends. Unfortunately, they are also quite common. Have you ever had a friend that, whenever you mention something you or a friend has done, they immediately say something that makes them the focus of attention? Then this a rival. Every achievement you make is to them a challenge, rather than something to be celebrated. If you get a new TV, they get a bigger one, if you take up a new hobby, then they take it up too with the exclusive intention of becoming better at it than you. What’s worse is that, if they can’t beat you, then they move to spoil your enjoyment. Eventually, they cease being your friend then become an enemy. However, were they truly your friend in the first place?

Thusly concluding my vocal point for fake, false friends. I hope this helps you to make the right decisions and find out who really is a true friend.

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