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Qian Liqun: Interest is the quality of one's life

Qian Liqun: Interest is the quality of one's life

By Winfred ParkerPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Do anything, the conclusion of hard work is often two words: pass;

Interest is often concluded with two words: excellent.

When I graduated from high school, I gave a speech at the Learning Experience Conference that I still remember because it lit up my life. And I said, The most important thing in learning is to be interested, and each subject should be regarded as spiritual enjoyment. Learning is a process of exploration, and every class will discover a new continent. I should enter the class with curiosity, expectation, and even mystery, which can be said to be my first independent view on learning and reading. Since then, it has developed into a basic understanding and belief of my research view and academic work.

Always in the state of a baby

How to keep oneself in a constant state of inquiry and discovery, and thus obtain eternal happiness? This is the question I must face in my life path and research career. Here I would like to introduce one of Mr. Lin Geng's ideas and its impact on me:

It was around 1984 when I was just staying on campus as a teaching assistant. Yan Jiayan, the dean of the department, proposed to hold academic lectures. He asked retired teachers of the Chinese Department to give the last public speech, and let me do the specific organization work. Xiang Wu Zu Xiang, Lin Geng, Wang Yao, and Zhu Dexi, some first-class professors of Chinese at Peking University, that a brilliant "performance". I remember that Mr. Lin made a very careful preparation and changed his draft several times. That day, his dress seems simple, but very beautiful, very elegant, he stood on the platform, with the kind of unspeakable demeanor, that will impress everyone. After speaking, he walked out of the classroom, he almost fell, is I helped him to go home, and he went back ill. He worked his ass off to tell the lesson, and then he fell over. It was in this class that he said, "The essence of poetry is discovery. A poet should always look at the world around him with curious eyes, like a baby, and discover new beauty in the world." -- When I heard this, my heart was shocked: this is the true meaning of academic research and even life! The so-called "forever in the infant state" is to see the world with curiosity for the first time, with the first eyes and mentality to observe, listen, read, and think, to constantly make discoveries. This is very important. The problem is how to keep yourself in an infantile state forever.

The feeling of the dawn

Then our New Language Reader took an essay from Thoreau's Walden and came up with a concept called "The Sense of Dawn." The "dawn feeling" is that every morning when you open your eyes, you are reborn. Your life begins a new day, and you have the dawning feeling: everything is new to you, and you rediscover it with new eyes and a new mentality. This is what the ancients said: "If you wish to renew yourself every day, you will renew yourself every day." Such a new state is the real academic state, or an ideal academic state and life state. When we speak of "pure heart", we mean such a state and realm.

I quite agree with Thoreau when he said, "There is no doubt that one has the power to improve the quality of one's life." We can't control the external environment, because we are all ordinary people, but you can consciously improve the quality of your life, through your subjective efforts to create a small environment conducive to your development.

Until today I have formed a habit, people around you know that I always large and small goals to set themselves up, or read a book, or write an article, or a series, and even travel, I have put it poetically, with a kind of anticipation, imagination, with a passion, cheerfully jump in, to obtain the feeling of poetry writing. I emphasize the investment of life and devoted, I in the previous several sessions of Peking University students have said, "to read you desperately to read, to play you desperately to play", in this way, you can make your life achieve a state of Hanchang dripping wet. I pursue this kind of strength and strength of life, a state of full enjoyment, which is also a free state of life. The ultimate goal of all my research is to pursue spiritual freedom and life freedom.


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