Period Blues: Short Story

by Dakota Thomas 9 months ago in literature

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Period Blues: Short Story

Disaster; this is how 23 year old NYU art student Clara Reynolds feels tonight and her wryly long brown hair that is thrown in a messy bun is the first clue. Drowned in oversized clothing with period cramps stabbing her stomach, she could only manage to sprawl out on her couch in front of the TV. Her studio apartment smells of pure muliebrity instead of the ink smell that Clara’s art career usually generates, making her freckled covered nose flinch. No bra, no appetite, no self confidence, and no desire to join the happy people on the streets of New York living their best lives, Clara’s eyes are glued to the TV. Well not entirely glued, because even though it is only approaching 5 pm her eyelids slowly closed and for 3 minutes she peacefully dozed off. That of course ends when New York needs to remind the poor girl that the city doesn’t sleep, and she bounces at the sounds of the cabs or homeless people.

“Yes I’m fucking there!” Clara screams and viciously presses play on her remote. At this moment Clara sees who and what she has become, making her face scrunch in disgust. A night like this with no ice cream? She thinks to herself and finally removes herself from her now dingy couch. The wooden tiles scream as her feet drag to her meant-for-one-person kitchen where the full trash has cartoon lines wiggling around it. Passing her cabinet that is surprisingly full, she heads to the freezer where her sweaty face finds comfort in the freezer’s cold air.

Seeing this depressing scene as Clara stays in the freezer, basking in the air, one will assume that her life needs to be put back together, but this is just the obvious once a month phase. She has two best friends who attend NYU with her, Jessie and Katie, both chipper and always by Clara’s side. Well not now, but most of the time they are glued to the hip. Now they are at a party that Clara is too tired to go to, but awake enough to beg Jesse and Katie not to stay home with her. Aside from them Clara also has a boyfriend James, who is really to blame for the non period sadness she is experiencing. He’s also a student at NYU, but unlike Clara, Jessie, and Katie he has a job which required his attention this sweaty summer weekend. Clara pouted her full lips, but work is work and James had to pay his good sum of debt.

After minutes of being on the verge of fast asleep in the freezer, Clara’s phone ringing makes her jump and forget she ever wanted ice cream. She drags herself to her coffee table, and picks up her phone that tonight was just a reminder of all the people on social media who were having the time of their lives.

“Hello,” she says looking at her screen to see it’s Jessie on the line.

“Hello? Why do you sound like a grandma, say hey,” Jessie snaps.

“Hey whats up?” Clara’s tone is sad and Jessie can tell.

“Girl I was just checking up on you, cramps are getting worse.”


Jessie begins to break up and after Clara screaming a series of hellos the call is disconnected. When Clara is about to throw her phone back on the coffee table Jessie shoots her a text talking about the bad connection. Just like the sound of her phone the sound of her doorbell rings and she drags to the door.

Swinging the door open Clara’s expression quickly changes to a smile as James stands in front of her with a box of every quality 7-Eleven snack. Clara’s cheeks immediately turn red and she wishes he would’ve given her a warning. Especially since James looks quite exceptional in his work suit with his brown hair all neat.

“I thought you we—” Before Clara can speak James breaks the distance between them placing the box on the floor.

“You’re beautiful, and I love you,” he says putting Clara in a trance.

“I love you too,” she says still in disbelief at his presence. He presses his lips against his and Clara doesn’t even need the box of snacks as he leads her to the couch. At 6pm her period didn’t seem all that bad to her or Jame’s lips.

Dakota Thomas
Dakota Thomas
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