Part 4: People Need To Start Taking Johnny Depp's Allegations Against Amber Heard Seriously

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Facts upon facts. Lies upon lies.

Part 4: People Need To Start Taking Johnny Depp's Allegations Against Amber Heard Seriously

Welcome to part 4 of my on-going series of articles pertaining to the current fifty-million-dollar defamation lawsuit Johnny Depp has filed against his ex-wife, Amber Heard. Of course, if you’re not familiar with everything that has been going on up until now, or feel a bit behind on all the latest information, you can always read my other articles here, here, here, here and for a refreshment and palette cleanser, you can read all about the real Johnny Depp here.

So where are we today? Well, we have a brand new video from Incredibly Average. I’ve been incorporating his videos in several articles and I urge you, if you can, to watch them as they are excellent and help to keep track of everything, along with providing in-depth analysis.

As I right this, there are two set trial dates currently scheduled for this summer. The case against the UK’s Sun is set for July while Heard will see a courtroom in August. Of course, that wasn't before Amber attempted, yet again, to have the case against her thrown out. Both were rescheduled due to covid-19 concerns.

Before getting into it, let's start with a small update on where we are with media, and their sudden “let’s wait and see” method. Ready? It’s exactly where it was when I wrote my first article nine months ago. Even with the mountain of evidence that has been coming to light, the media is still pulling a Mariah Carey. You know what this is like? It’s like when a group of teens have a huge party while the folks are out and instead of throwing out the garbage they just keep filling the closet up with trash and hope the parents don’t see it, and just continue doing the exact same thing over and over cause hey, they did get away with it once already. So the garbage just continues to grow and grow until one day there's no space left for important items and it becomes so full that the hinges snap off and eventually everyone is swimming in garbage.

Sure, they were quick to report about an out-of-context text to a friend that had tabloid lovers salivating at the mouth, but what they forgot to report was his follow-up text.

“I could never spray my rage on someone I love.”

What I’m saying is, I hope outlets have good nose plugs.

Since my last post, we have received new evidence that, quite frankly, blows giant holes in Amber’s 2016 claims that Johnny was abusive during their marriage. The first pertaining to the fight in Australia where Amber claimed that after an ecstasy and alcohol binge, Johnny cut off the tip of his own finger. But then changed that claim to, and I’m paraphrasing here, “Johnny hit a wall and it cut his finger.” Now, I have a couple questions. 1) Did he cut it or hit a wall? 2) What kind of razor sharp drywall does Depp have in his house cause damn, if it can slice off a finger, and with a closed fist no less... The audio of the incident was released a couple weeks ago and although it is difficult to listen to, it certainly paints a different picture than what Amber has been regurgitating.

If you don’t want to listen to it for whatever personal reasons, here’s a bit of a rundown. After we hear Johnny storming away, doctors are quickly on the scene along with Johnny’s former bodyguard, the late Jerry Judge, frantically trying to find the finger for re-attachment. It’s also during this time that attempts are made to calm down a very emotional Amber, who repeatedly apologizes for something and seems very concerned that Johnny will leave her. Eventually Amber is flown to L.A with another body guard, Ben, who has testified that during their flight Amber asked him if he had “ever been so upset with someone that you just lost it?” and when he responded “no”, she asked him again. Make of that what you will but, Johnny had his finger cut and then Amber becomes hysterical to the point where she apologizes and becomes concerned that Johnny will leave her. I mean.. 2+2=4.

Bringing us to today’s new evidence which is seemingly starting to prove that if this was all an elaborate hoax to set up Johnny, Amber most definitely had help in setting it all in motion. Not to name names, these, let's call them helpers 1 & 2, had a lot to gain by taking part. Let’s not forget, they were already living rent free in Johnny’s penthouse. In addition, thanks to a declaration from one of Johnny’s friends who attended the couple’s 2015 wedding, we now know that helper 1 is also prone to having fist to human syndrome. Well, that sure would explain why he is jumping through fire and twisting himself into a pretzel to protect Heard, now wouldn't it. Birds of a feather and all that.

The new audio is of a suspicious 911 call from an anonymous caller who seems extremely reluctant to give any helpful information to dispatch. And I’m talking crucial, easy to answer information for a friend, which is how the caller describes her relation to Amber during the call.

Q: “Is it her boyfriend?”

A: “It could be. It’s a man.”

Q: “What’s her name?”

A: “Her name is Amber. That’s all I can tell you. I have to go.”

I mean, your friend is supposedly in danger but please, do be more vague.

As always, I'm not here to tell you what to believe, just to present facts and bring you information you might not have known about. What I will say is that, not only should Amber's multiple attempts to have this case thrown out raise eyebrows but, the fact that she has also changed her story countless times is also highly suspicious. The fact that she first said Johnny cut off the tip of his own finger, only to change it and say a punch to a wall cut it ?? These are all highly suspicious.

And while you may wonder why it is that I care so much (contrary to belief, like anyone else defending him online, I am NOT being paid by Johnny Depp in any way, nor do I know him) I care because this crusade against domestic violence, has turned into a crusade against men. It has turned into a "believe all women" rally, even without evidence or facts. It has turned into a crusade where women are using gender as a weapon against other women to guilt them into believing allegations even when the facts don't add up.

A movement that holds domestic abusers accountable should mean ALL domestic abusers, regardless of gender. It should mean ALL victims are being heard regardless of gender. It should mean that a woman with a prior arrest for abusing her ex girlfriend and even verbally abusing her assistant, shouldn't be the face and voice for victims of abuse in ANY way, just because of her gender.

So I ask you, as more evidence comes to light, to at least continue listening with an open heart and mind to Johnny Depp and his evidence. Listen as Amber ridicules him when he says he will sit on the stand and tell his story of the abuse he endured and how she shouts, "no one will believe you." Just listen.

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