Let's Talk About the Real Johnny Depp

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Because tabloids like to talk a lot of sh*t

Let's Talk About the Real Johnny Depp

It’s no secret that tabloids LOVE a good story. No, for real. They’re as subtle as a migraine when it comes to salivating over the juiciest new gossip in Hollywood. “But what happens when there is no new gossip to report on?” Ah! I’m glad you asked (let’s pretend you did for the sake of the article). Well, when there is nothing new to report, they make up their own stories! *hold for fake gasps.* It’s the truth, and they’ve been doing it for decades. So, all those magazines you see when you stop into your local grocer’s to pick up a carton of milk, telling you all about the latest divorce (that most likely won’t happen)—It's fake, and nearly every celebrity has had to endure it. One of those celebs is Johnny Depp.

We’ve pretty much read every BS story we possibly could when it comes to the 56 year old, who has been able to keep his life private since first becoming a household name in the 1980s, but suddenly has become a free-for-all for reporters to rag on. I wonder why that is… *cough* defamation case *cough.* But, I digress.

They’ve been innovative about the stories—I’ll give them that, although I have read better material on Wattpad, I must say. Like the time they told everyone he has his lines fed to him through an earpiece when filming when in reality, he’s fed sounds to help him give a more authentic performance, while sometimes he’s just listening to music to help with his tinnitus.

Or, the time he allegedly punched a crewmember on set but really, what he did was call him out for making racist and derogatory remarks towards a homeless African-American woman, and was merely defending her—a declaration made by script supervisor, Emma Danoff, who also submitted 40 time-stamped photos from that day. Yep, when it comes to making stuff up, they’re always ready with their next headline.

But let's put all that negativity aside, and instead, appreciate THE REAL Johnny Depp. The Johnny Depp who spends hours visiting children's hospitals. The Johnny Depp who, to this day, has remained humble and down to earth, despite being one the most notable faces on film. The Johnny Depp who would much rather spend hours greeting fans, nay, his "employers," than attend a red carpet and have his photo taken 100 times over. Let us relive some of the most notable and precious moments of Johnny Depp.

When he rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride with kids in Shanghai

Every single time he's had to be pulled away from signing for fans (RIP Jerry Judge)

And more so, the reasoning behind why he feels inclined to sign everything.

The fact that this sentiment is still so strong today, is everything.

When he went full "dad mode" during a red carpet

Every single time he has visited a children's hospital, dressed as Jack Sparrow

Via Imgur

Having gone through his own dark time, seeing his child ill and in hospital—Lily Rose contracted E.coli food poisoning when she was seven —Johnny understands the toll it takes on a family. Since then, he has made it his priority to use his platform and one of his most beloved characters to help bring a bit of happiness to those in need of it, by visiting hospitals around the world as Captain Jack Sparrow.

All the Johnny and little fan...


When he purchased coats for the entire Pirates crew, out of his own pocket, while filming On Stranger Tides

"Johnny paid out of his own pocket for all 500 of us to have a nice warm waterproof. It's a great morale boost and another example of why his is one of the nicest people in Hollywood."—Express

Teddy love

Watch 'til the end for bonus endearment, to see Johnny playfully smack his bodyguard's hand away when he goes to take his plush.

To top it all off, that beautiful moment in which Johnny referred to his fans as being his "soldiers" during last week's Venice Film Festival. What? NO. I'M NOT CRYING. MY EYEBALLS ARE JUST SWEATING.

THIS is the Johnny Depp that fans, and those around him, love and adore. Not the movie star, but the man who puts everyone else first, and remains as loyal to his fans as they are to him.

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