Overlooked Clues: Cheating Partners

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Signs that We Often Fail to See When We Suspect Our Partner is Cheating

Overlooked Clues: Cheating Partners

Cheating is one of the most hurtful experiences that a person can go through. When we begin to suspect that our partner may be unfaithful, we often can miss some really important clues that are major indicator that something is going on. Intuition kicks in and you know that something in your partner is not right, the behaviors that they display can be a dead giveaway. If you notice that your partner has been or displaying some of the behavior listed, it may in fact be that they are cheating.

Sudden Change in the Words They Use in Conversation or New Slang Words That You Never Heard Them Use Pop up When They Are Talking

If you are in conversation with your partner and they sound like they just read a dictionary and a thesaurus, something may be going on. They could be getting this new lingo from the person they have been seeing. If they suddenly blurt out a new slang term that you have never heard, let alone hear them say, it can be unsettling. Your partner will sound completely awkward and you will notice this new catch phrase right away.

Work Hour and Day Changes

Your partner may start telling you that his work hours are changing or the days he works changes. There works schedule just becomes a mess of erratic hours and straight 7 day work weeks. Most people notice their partner's work schedule always changes in some way when they are stepping out of the relationship. They need to find an excuse to be away so that they can carry out their affair. Work is the best excuse for that and they can easily use it as an excuse to be gone long hours or all week.

You Don't Really Touch or Look at Each Other in the Eyes Anymore

If you notice that you and your partner barely get any contact either through eyes or just a simple touch, a light bulb should go off in your head. This is a distancing of oneself and that leads to intimacy between you both fading away. They may be giving the best part and energy of themselves to someone else.

You Feel like You Are Walking on Eggshells Around Them

You can't stand to talk to your partner because you don't know what their reaction may be. They have become critical and irritated all the time. When someone is cheating they may begin to point out all the flaws or things that annoy them in their partner. They use this as a justification for the affair they may be having. They start to bicker and snap at you for no reason, and they are as moody as someone with the worst case of PMS you could imagine.

They Stop Calling You Sweet Nicknames or They Stop Saying I Love You

When all you hear is your first name, something is most likely not right. When you don't hear baby, sweetheart, or cute bottom anymore for some time, it hurts and is a major giveaway that the devotion is going to anyone but you. I love you's are less frequent and said in an unconvincing tone.

They Say That You Both Talked about Something in Particular but You Do Not Remember Ever Having That Conversation with Them

When people are balancing two different acts, its hard to keep facts and memories shared straight. They may say something and you will have no idea what they are talking about. This is not because your memory is off; usually its because they had that talk with the side piece and got it mixed up with them having told you that. Most will say you are the one who has bad memory but actually you are right and they just slipped up.

These are just a few of the things that we can overlook very easily when we know that something with our significant other is not right. Cheating is really a hard thing to imagine and a very difficult experience to go through. If you see a lot of the signs, you should have a heart to heart with your partner so that you can find out the truth of what is going on. Everyone deserves the respect of truthfulness. Relationships are built on trust, once it becomes broke, it becomes hard to build again.

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