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One life changing habit.

A life changing habit.

By TshepisoPublished 6 months ago 7 min read
One life changing habit.
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as soon as Upon a Time in historical India there

lived a younger man named Rahul

he become born into a wealthy own family and

had the whole lot he ever desired he had the

finest clothes the most scrumptious food

and the most stunning women

but in spite of all of this he was not happy

he felt like there has been something missing

from his existence

someday Roku heard approximately a super instructor

who lived inside the wooded area

this teacher become said to be enlightened

and had the energy to convey peace and

happiness to every person who observed his

teachings Roku turned into curious and determined

to are looking for out this trainer after many days

of wandering inside the wooded area rohu in the end

came upon the instructor's heart the

instructor's call changed into Gautam Buddha he become

sitting underneath a tree deep in meditation

rohu approached him and asked him to

teach him the path to happiness

Buddha looked at Roku with compassion

and stated my pricey toddler there may be one

dependancy with a view to change your life it is

the dependancy of mindfulness Rahul became

pressured he had never heard of

mindfulness before

Buddha defined to him that mindfulness

is the practice of being gift in the

moment privy to your thoughts emotions

and environment without judgment he

informed rohul that mindfulness ought to help

him overcome his anxieties fears and

issues and convey him peace and


Rahul turned into intrigued and asked Buddha to

educate him how to exercise mindfulness

Buddha agreed and commenced to teach Rahul

the artwork of mindfulness

the primary lesson Buddha taught Rahul was

to awareness on his breath he informed Rahul to

take a seat quietly and focus on his breath as

it moved in and out of his frame rohu

observed this difficult before everything his thoughts

stored wandering and he observed it difficult to

consciousness but with time and practice he

started to increase a habit of mindfulness

Buddha then taught Rahul to be aware about

his mind and feelings he told rovel

that he need to have a look at his mind and

emotions without judgment he ought to

clearly renowned them and allow them to

skip like clouds inside the sky rohu observed

this tough as well he became used to

reacting to these mind and emotions

no longer simply watching them however he perceive

it and persisted to practice mindfulness

as time went by rohu started out to observe a

exchange in himself he felt more peaceful

extra comfy and greater content material he no

longer felt the need to are searching for out

fabric possessions or worldly

pleasures he located joy in truly being

alive at some point rohu returned to Buddha's

Hut and thanked him for teaching him the

habit of mindfulness he instructed Buddha that

he had by no means felt happier in his lifestyles

Buddha smiled and stated my expensive toddler the

addiction of mindfulness is sort of a seed if

you nurture it it will develop and flourish

and bring you peace and happiness

however if you forget about it it will wither and

die and you will be left feeling empty

and unfulfilled

Roble found out that Buddha become right the

habit of mindfulness was no longer something

that would be discovered in a single day it

required exercise and dedication but he

additionally knew that it changed into worth it rohu

determined to devote his existence to practicing

mindfulness and spreading Buddha's

teachings to others he have become a monk and

traveled the arena teaching others the

habit of mindfulness and the course to

happiness years later brogal lower back to

Buddhist Hut he observed Buddha sitting

beneath the same tree deep meditation rohu

approached him and bowed

Buddha opened his eyes and smiled he

said my dear toddler it is ideal to look you

once more

tell me how have you been

rohul smiled and stated way to you I

were living a existence of peace and

happiness i have been spreading your

teachings to others and Buddha listened

intently as rohu spoke about his adventure

and the impact that mindfulness had had

on his life he nodded and smiled knowing

that his teachings had helped every other

character find peace and happiness after a

while Robo grew quiet and looked at

Buddha with gratitude in his eyes thank

you grasp he said you've got given me the

finest gift every person could ever deliver the

present of inner peace Buddha smiled and

placed his hand on roguel's shoulder

don't forget my expensive baby that the addiction of

mindfulness is a lifelong journey it is

not some thing that you can achieve and

then forget about approximately you must maintain to

exercise it every day with dedication

and perseverance

Rahul nodded know-how the

significance of Buddha's phrases he knew

that the dependancy of mindfulness turned into no longer

something that might be taken lightly it

required regular effort and interest

as rohu prepared to go away Buddha referred to as

out to them wait my dear infant he stated

there is one more factor I would really like to

percentage with you

rakul grew to become again to face Buddha curious

about what he had to mention Buddha closed

his eyes and started out to speak the addiction of

mindfulness is like a river he said it

flows constantly always converting and

adapting to its environment it could be

calm and peaceful at instances and

tumultuous and wild at others however no

depend what takes place the river always

remains genuine to its Essence the essence

of existence itself

rohu listened closely as Buddha

endured as you practice mindfulness

remember the fact that you are like a river

you need to drift with life's americaand downs

constantly adapting and converting but by no means

losing sight of your true Essence Buddha

opened his eyes and looked at Roku with

a smile

go now my expensive baby and hold your

adventure recollect the dependancy of

mindfulness and may it carry you peace

and happiness for the relaxation of your days

rohu bowed to Buddha and left feeling

thankful and stimulated he knew that he

have been given a fantastic gift the gift of

awareness and perception that might manual him

on his adventure via life as he walked

away rogel contemplated on what he had

found out from Buddha he knew that the

dependancy of mindfulness become no longer some thing

that could be discovered in a single day but

as an alternative some thing that required regular

attention and attempt

but he additionally knew that the rewards of

mindfulness were really worth it for through

mindfulness he had determined inner peace and

happiness the kind of happiness that

could not be offered or earned thru

material possessions and so rohu

persevered his adventure practicing

mindfulness each day and sharing

Buddha's teachings with others he knew

that the habit of mindfulness become now not

only a habit however a way of existence a way of

dwelling within the gift moment with

consciousness and compassion and finding joy

within the simple things of life and so the

tale of rohu and Buddha's teachings

continued inspiring limitless others to

are seeking out the dependancy of mindfulness and

discover peace and happiness of their very own


for us Buddha had said the habit of

mindfulness changed into like a river constantly

flowing and adapting always genuine to its

Essence the essence of lifestyles itself the

ethical of this story is clear the addiction

of mindfulness can sincerely alternate Your

life by way of being gift inside the second with

focus and compassion we are able to discover

internal peace and happiness that can't be

discovered via material possessions

we too can exercise mindfulness every

day and learn from the teachings of

Buddha by means of flowing with the united statesand downs

of life and by no means dropping sight of our

real Essence we can live a lifestyles filled

with cause and that means

the addiction of mindfulness isn't an smooth

one to domesticate however the rewards are

well worth it

by being conscious we can ruin loose from

the cycle of stress anxiety and

negativity and discover a feel of calm and

clarity this is actually existence-changing

so let us take inspiration from rohu and

follow inside the footsteps of Buddha allow us to

exercise mindfulness every day and be

mindful of our thoughts feelings and

actions allow us to flow with life's united states of americaand

downs and by no means lose sight of our true


fall thru the habit of mindfulness we

can discover inner peace and happiness and

live a life full of motive and

which means.

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