OMG His Eyes!

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A Life Changed Forever!

OMG His Eyes!

It was the summer of '82. A fairly normal time for a thirteen-year-old girl. So many things to see and so much stuff to do!

Yet again the parents had moved me to another travel trailer park. More adventures and headaches to bear, I was sure. But as usual, I took it in stride and began making friends and checking out the fun that could be had there.

He was 5'8" and built like a brick house! OMG his eyes were bluer than any I had ever seen in my life. And he had gorgeous bright red hair! When he looked my way, I knew without a doubt I was in trouble.

I was very apprehensive to approach due to my first and last encounter with the male species. So I just enjoyed the view from afar and never mentioned it to anyone.

All the girls from the local ranches wanted him so bad. I had made a friend from each ranch and had been spending time every day after school, three-wheeling and horseback riding. Then heading home just before dark because I knew the parents would be home just shortly thereafter.

Day after day these girls just talked about the red-haired, blue-eyed prince that made them fall head over heels. I said nothing, as I knew I never had a chance with him. He was way too attractive to ever want to be with someone as homely as myself. These girls were tall and had the bodies of twenty-year-olds. I had to laugh every time I thought about it.

As I spent time making new friends and going to and from school, I felt as though I was settling in just fine. I hadn't given the red haired, blue eyed prince a thought in a few weeks.

And then…..

One day after school my brother tells me that he wanted me to meet one of his friends. I was like, "Ok" but in the back of my head, I was thinking, wow how old is he, because my brother is 5 years older than me. Anyway, I figured no harm, I'll just go meet the guy.

As my brother and I start walking along the dirt road, I began to feel an odd giddy disturbance deep in the pit of my stomach. Once again, I knew I was in trouble. So as we walked on and began to get in view of him……..

Ok let me just say that I almost fell out when I saw who the guy was. So as we're walking along, I go, "That's not him, tell me that's not him."

His red hair shining and dancing in the sun I thought was enough to send me over the edge. Let alone his muscular physique which only spoke things to me that shouldn't ever be said out loud! This was the closest I had been near him as of yet. Well, then as we got closer and in eye stare contact, he looked at me and that was it, I thought I would die right then and there! At that moment I understood exactly what those girls were talking about.

My heart was basically in my throat and I felt sick to my stomach. I really didn't understand what was happening to me, but I was curious to find out where it would lead to.

And then finally, there he was, in all his glory! I wasn't sure what to say or even if I would make any sense when I spoke.

So as a joke, I said, "Hey there's the Macho Man my brother's been telling me about."

And that's where our love story begins.

Stay tuned for more!

Storm Writer
Storm Writer
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