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Non Poetry and Stories

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

These are a couple of my non-poetry and story attempts. I am not a poet or a real writer but every so often I do have ideas.

Another idea for a short story or non-poem.

You take a stairway to go up, there are people behind you and it is fairly narrow. The stairway winds round and you realise you are not sure where you are going. There are no numbers on the doors or floors and there are no lifts. You cannot stop because there is a line of people behind you, they are going up and morally forcing you to continue.

You cannot stop, you cannot get tired , you feel you are in an Escher drawing, all the floors are the same. all the doors are closed and the same colour and all the doors are padlocked so there is no option of leaving the head of this hellish upwardly mobile conga line.

You still have to go on, you don't know why you came in here and surely you have to hit the top at some point , and then what?

Will it be like Jack and The Beanstalk or will there be a roof or will there just be a dead end, but still you keep going , looking for a way off , looking for a change.

You start to think you are just going round the same circuit , even though you are going up you are in some kind of Moebius strip type stairway that you can never get off.

You don't know how many are behind you and whether they feel the same as you.

There is no change, this keeps going on and you wonder why you are not hungry , thirsty or need to relieve yourself, you are starting to think you are in a dream , but it seems so real.

You keep going what you think is up, and although you are tired , stopping is not an option,

There is no reason for it and you hope it will stop , or have an end, but it doesn't

You keep going up and up and up .........

And here is the non-poem version:

"One step starts it

The two and soon a flight of stairs

Then another

And Another

And More

And It never stops

You think it will end

But it keeps on going

Turn the corner

Another flight awaits

There is no turning back

Only going Up

And Up

And Up

And ........"

When the snow disappeared:

The snow has gone and temperatures are up , but generally the weather is grey and uninspiring .I don't need two coats , gloves and a furry coat to go out in and while it's a bit brighter it's a bit meh. I thought I would pen a non-poem on my thoughts , so I suppose it is still causing some inspiration.

"I Miss The Snow

Crunching underfoot

The bright white pavements

Parks and Fields

I Miss The Snow

I Miss The Snow

I miss The Snowmen

The animal trails

A bird , a cat, a dog

I Miss The Snow

I Miss The Snow

The iced puddles and ponds

Electric Brilliance from The Winter Sun

And still that crunch underfoot

I Miss The Snow"

And a piece on Contact Lenses:

"A Contact Lens

Sticks to the Eye

Comes To Terms With The Eye

To Focus

And Make Your Sight Good

It is not Mechanical

It Is Not Alive

But It Works

Human Invention

Never Fails to Amaze

So Many Things


This Piece of Clear Plastic

Makes My Life

So Convenient

It doesn't Steam Up

And works 99% Of The Time"

I am not sure if you will enjoy it but I would love to hear your opinions. My favourite poets are John Cooper Clarke, Wilfred Owen and Dylan Thomas, and the first was inspired by “Staircase” by Siouxsie and The Banshees.


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  • L.C. Schäfer2 months ago

    So interesting to see how writing has evolved since earlier pieces, thank you!

  • Oooo that story had a lot of potential to be developed into a horror story! And I have no idea how you're able to write about the most random things like contact lenses. Lol! You're awesome!

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