Never Been Kissed

by Jak Domenech 9 months ago in single

A subtle single lip kiss is where you suck and sandwich their lips between yours at the same time.

Never Been Kissed

Hey lovelies! My name is J.D, but I go by Jak. Today I am going to share my story of never being kissed.

I know, I know. You may be thinking, "Just about everyone has kissed someone, why haven't you?"

Same question I ask myself. Why haven't I been kissed?

I used to think it was because I used to be fat. But that wasn't the case. Even after losing 134-plus pounds, no one has approached me. Because I even see chubby, or a little different type of people, still being asked out. And I don't see why no one will even ask me out. Am I that ugly? What's wrong with me that I'm not even approachable?

Well, for starters. To answer your question, it's that no one has ever asked me out. I have never been asked out, to go on a date, and maybe kiss someone after the date is over. I really don't understand why no one has approached me. I think I'm an okay decent girl.

I just turned 26. I learned how to love myself more, lost 134-plus pounds, and I'm still a VIRGIN! Don't get me wrong. I love being a virgin. I'm pretty proud of it. Not really anyone in this generation stays a virgin for this long anymore. Everyone usually has sex on their mind. But not me. I'm not comfortable talking about stuff like that.

Even everyone around my circle talks dirty. I usually walk away or just give them a dirty look because I feel extremely uncomfortable with that subject.

Even so, to even to get me on board to talk about sex, I need to have an experience with dating someone. I can't just jump on that bandwagon without experiencing dating. Usually, you experience dating in high school. But I never did. And I never paid too much attention about it until now.

Now that I'm getting older, it hurts that my little brother, who is 23, is having so many experiences with things that I haven't. But I shouldn't compare myself to him because he literally stalks my older sister's friends, adds them on Facebook, likes all their posts, and sees if they'll go out with him. And one of my sister's friends actually decided to date him.

Yes, she's older, but as you can tell, my brother is desperate. And as usual, my brother picks girls who are not meant for him—girls that just have history from too many people, including dating too many guys.

That's how my brother only dated someone. Nobody has ever wanted to date him. Everyone always wanted my sister, which I still don't know why. She gets asked by both sexes at that.

I don't want to sound desperate like my brother: Stalking guys and seeing if they'll want to go out with me. I want someone to ask me out because they actually like me for me. With and without makeup. I also don't want someone to ask me out that thinks, "Hey I'm ugly, she's ugly, and she'll give herself up," because if you think just because you're in this "mood" doesn't mean I'm going to give myself to anyone. Don't ask me out if you just want a one-time thing. My parents raised me to a respectable young lady. Come straight home and don't talk to strangers. I am not going to give it up to ANYONE! Unless they put a ring on it. Or just want to be with one person and start a family. If you're one of those types of guys then go ask someone else or keep moving.

Anyways, I am finally ready to go on a date with someone. And find Mr. Right. I learned to love myself. I feel great, healthy, and confident about myself. And I am ready to experience this dating thing and kiss someone for the first time.

I just hope it feels something like in those romantic movies that I love. (Wish me luck!!) I would like an approach where someone bumps into me, says sorry, and says, "Hey, maybe we should go out or something like that."

Until next time...

Your Friend,Never Been Kissed Girl

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