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NBA Fans Cause Thousands of Africans to Insult All Americans Especially Black Americans

Mostly Nigerians went on the attack and it was ugly!

By IwriteMywrongsPublished about a month ago 4 min read
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Sunday, 14 April 2024

By: TB Obwoge

It is really draining that there are so many Black Africans that constantly make it their mission in life to insult Black Americans. More over there are many that think about Americans more than they think about Africans and it shows in all the social media interactions.

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This above commenter thinks that Americans are only Black & white people! She has no idea that there are more Hispanics than Black Americans in the United States. or that Africans, Asians, Eurapeans and others are Americans as well. Because she clearly has no idea what the population of the United States looks like, however she didn't mind posting her insults.

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Imagine thinking that all Americans are all the same? Imagine his comments, "they think the world revolves around them!" While living in Africa and watching several thousand Africans comment about Americans lives. This post was about what is popular in the United States but so many don't seem to understand that they fail to know what is popular in every country around the world either.

Did you know?

When you read the news in many parts of Africa, some African artists feel that it is unfair to not be able to obtain American music awards. There are so many African music and movie awards that I lost count. Americans can't win those awards because they are for Africans.

This is the same for many continents as well, nothing racial about this. Burkina Faso has several music and movie awards programs. However many Africans don't seem to know this. Many that won awards at the last FESPACO awards many didn't even bother to show up for awards that they were nominated for.

The Panafrican Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou (FESPACO) is an annual African film festival that takes place in Burkina Faso. The festival is considered an African institution with its own unique characteristics. The festival has been held since 1969 and is Africa's largest film festival.

I was clued to my Mac as I watched the exciting awards, they were the best I had seen in a long time. It was nice seeing Black people celebrate one another.

However there have been several posts about Americans not knowing who American born Davido was. Several African influencers took the time to share the posts and screenshots of Americans wondering who he was.

FYI: Most pages about Davido name him as a Nigerian and NOT as an American, which he is since he was born in the United States. If this was a Nigerian born singer who called himself an American, Nigerians would not allow him to rest.

There were several thousand comments, hundreds of Africans decided that they wanted to voice how stupid Americans are. From the few screenshots of Americans saying that they didn't know who Davido was.

So all 332 million Americans are now stupid because they don't know one person? Yup, according thousands of comments.

Sadly many had no idea that what is popular in their country isn't popular in everyones country. It is almost like claiming everyone in South Korea should know every African artist. But it isn't fun to insult Korean so apparently it was better to attack Americans.

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What was even more frustrating is that most of the Africans making hateful comments wer Nigerians.

Imagine a platform where thousands of Americans sit around and insult Africans about their education and knowledge about things that happen in countries they don't live in? I made a few posts about some of the dumbest things that Africans have ever asked me.

I didn't post these any where but on my YouTube page, I am pretty sure that I would be threatened and insulted if I posted them all over social media. To be honest no one knows everything and from reading the comments most of these Black Africans seemed to think they know everything about the entire world.

When I tried asking a few people some questions, they refused to answer me, however the insults flowed freely. Calling my mother and father dogs and all my ancestors dogs too. My African ancestors, were called dogs by a Nigerian man. I was annoyed but I shared with him that my ancestors are Cameroonian, Nigerian, Malian and other Africans and yes they were dogs you are right.

Of course my ancestors weren't dogs but the fact that so many Black Africans seem to not understand that Blacks in America, actually come from African humans.

The NBA posted several photos with the Afro-beats star Davido, giving him a jersey with his name on it. Some Americans posted who is this guy, others said they always give things to these random people. 

Which is insane that they didn't know who the famous Davido is, which I agree is insane, however attacking all Americans as being stupid, uneducated and ignorant was the worst thing I expected.

Screenshot from Facebook post

Another African man compared Black Americans to Afrian immigrants in the UK. He seems to think that all Black Americans recently moved to the United States within the last few years, instead of them being from the United States for hundreds of years.

Which is very much unlike most of the Black Brits living in the United Kingdom. Many Africans think that Black Americans should all know where they came from, despite 400-years of slavery than another 100-years of Jim Crow segregation.

Screenshot from Facebook

When I tried asking some people how many countries there were in the world, they again refused to answer but coninued to post insults.

Funny several mentioned that Americans think Africa is a country, while most Africans also think Africa is one large country too but we aren’t supposed to talk about that.

One person who wasn’t African, asked why are so many Africans concerned about Americans? When I looked at the page this person was from South America, the question made sense and no one answered his question. Which made a lot of sense.

These insults also came about a post about Ja Rule Building a school in Ghana, I’ll write about that one too as soon as I feel a little better.

Thank you for reading 🙏🏽 Please consider buying a coffee for Lacey’s House efforts in Gender Equality & Children’s Rights.

©️TB Obwoge 2023 All Rights Reserved

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