My Worst Date
My Worst Date

#MyWorstDate ER Edition

by Shannon Marie 2 years ago in dating

Stroke or Butterflies?

#MyWorstDate ER Edition

A couple of years ago I decided to give online dating a shot and had met a seemingly nice guy for coffee one day. We had a great first date, grabbed coffee, and walked down by the lake. We even had a competition to see how many cute puppies approached us at the park. Fast forward one week, we made plans for a second date. We decided to meet up at the movies to catch a flick. While I was driving there, he kept texting me that he wasn’t feeling well. I would have texted him to suggest we reschedule but obviously couldn’t while driving.

Once I had arrived at the theatre, my date had already called an ambulance to the parking lot because he had felt even worse. Of course, I was worried for him at that point, and listened to him describe how he was feeling. When the ambulance arrived, I reluctantly hopped into the back with him while he received a thorough exam. Terrific way to get to know someone’s entire family medical history, BTW. When explaining to the paramedics that “No, I am not his wife, this is our second date,” they could hardly hold back their laughter.

Upon further review of my date, it seemed that he was in fact not having a stroke or heart attack. His heart rate was a little elevated, and it was suggested that he was perhaps just anxious about something. Cue total embarrassment when he joked that maybe he was just nervous about the date. Had I caused a full-on panic attack? The paramedics suggested that I take him back home to chill. Thanks for the suggestion, totally felt comfortable going into basically a stranger’s home on a second date.

Once we got to his house, I texted my friends to tell them where I was and to ensure I was alive later. We tried to just hang out and talk but my date was still not feeling very well. At this point, he asked me to drive him to the hospital as he thought something was terribly wrong. While being a very empathetic and compassionate person, I tried to remind him that the paramedics already said he was fine and perhaps he should just go lay down. He insisted he needed to go to the hospital, and I couldn’t find a polite enough way to say no.

So of course, I drove him to the ER. I ended up sitting with him and making awkward small talk. When one of the patients behind me said he was going to be sick, I did bolt out for a while. Looking back, I probably should have kept running all the way to my car at that point. But I felt bad for the guy and wouldn’t want someone to desert me if roles were reversed.

Fast forward several long hours of waiting in the ER, he was finally seen by the doctor. I can’t say that seeing someone in a hospital gown with an open back is something you’d expect for a second date. Nevertheless, I was a good sport and we both had some good laughs about whatever situation was happening. Finally, the doctor concluded that he was, in fact, just having a panic attack and gave him a pill to take. I could see the mortification on his face and refrained from saying, “I told you so.”

After the long and weird night in the ER, I took my date back home. Things didn’t work out so well for us. He did seem like a great guy and it would have been an entertaining story to tell our grandkids. But after that date, I was just not feeling it. Can you really blame me? I know I will never forget this awkward date and it will always be #MyWorstDate story.

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