My Worst Date
My Worst Date

My Worst Valentine's Day Ever

by Faith Heple 2 years ago in divorce

My True Story of Love and Loss

My Worst Valentine's Day Ever
Photo of my wedding shoes and decor of our wedding day! 

Valentine's Day is a day most people find the most difficult. But I find it is the day to be the most beautiful, full of love and hope. It's a day celebrating love in all stages! Whether you have a Valentine or not, it's a day to spread love!

However, this story isn't about spreading love. This day is about my worst Valentine's Day ever. There is a catch to this story though. This worst Valentine's Day hasn't even happened yet. It isn't from my past, it's coming up in just a few short days!

There is a backstory that needs to be told, to understand how this future day is already going to be the worst!

I met my husband on Valentine's Day, in 2014. We were at a speed dating gathering in this dark little bar, he was wearing a black button down and a sparkly red bowtie. I sat at this little metal table with a kitchen timer perched on a box of napkins, one after the other guys came and spoke to me, made me laugh, made me frustrated. But when he stopped at my table, I knew he was it.

He flopped down in the hard metal seat and said to me, "These are the worst chairs!" I laughed so hard, I remember I snorted and then laughed even harder. Then he said, "But, no matter how uncomfortable they are do mind if I sit here awhile? I saw you an hour ago and I couldn't wait to sit here. I even paid some guys to skip some seats."

That was it. We sat there for hours just talking and laughing. I knew I was going to marry him that night. And one year later, exactly to the date we sat in that same dark little bar, and he got down on one knee and proposed. I, of course, said "YES!" With a huge smile on my face.

After a year of planning we got married on, you guessed it, February 14th. Valentine's Day. It was a beautiful ceremony, and in his vows he said to me, "No matter how uncomfortable the seats are, no matter how small the table, and no matter how much time we are allowed to have... So you mind I'd I sit here awhile? I saw you two years ago and I couldn't wait to be here. I even paid some guys to skip some seats." And I cried until I snorted, and laughed.

We even had that same little bar cater at our wedding! It was my favorite Valentine's Day ever. I loved my husband so much that day, and couldn't wait to spend every Valentine's day together for the rest of our lives.

Our first wedding anniversary was my second favorite as we had our first child that Valentine's Day, his name: Valentino! And I know this all sounds so corny, so unreal because how can someone have such a beautiful love story? How can any human have such a fairytale story that isn't the figment of someone's imagination? And I can't tell you how, honestly. I felt so lucky and while we fought and had our moments, but every couple has those times.

When Valentino was 6 months old, my husband came home late from work. He sat down and said to me, "I'm sorry. So sorry. But I'm sitting here and it's too uncomfortable. I found someone else who I would like to sit and be uncomfortable with." I couldn't believe my ears.

A day later he moved out, a week later I was served with divorce papers. That was six months ago and I still can't believe it. When I received the notice for when I was to arrive at divorce court, I cried.

My notice read: February 14th, 2018 at 9am. Judge Sal Trulso will be presiding. And so, my worst Valentine's Day is coming. It's the day I have to say goodbye to my perfect love story, it's the day I will celebrate Valentino's 1st birthday, and it's the day I will face my husband as my husband.

He is getting married to the new woman sometime in July, having already asked me if Valentino can be a ring bearer. And he recently sent me a bouquet of red roses apologizing for his actions.

This Valentine's Day may be the worst, but it's still my favorite day to spread love and to celebrate the love in my life, Valentino.


Faith Heple
Faith Heple
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