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My Worst Date

by Bryanna Burshnick 5 years ago in dating
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The Reason I Don't Use Tinder Too Often Anymore

Everybody, and I mean everybody, has a worst date story. Maybe the person was boring, or was into some strange things, or maybe they were rude. Whatever the reason was, it was the worst date you'd ever been on. This person could have been a blind date your best friend set you up on, or maybe you met this person on an online dating site, or maybe this person was charming at the bar, but a bore on the date. For me, my worst date was a man I met on Tinder. Tinder of all places, and since then I've boycotted going on dates with men from Tinder.

Am I the only person that can tell the physical attributes of a person based on a picture? If I am, then I am definitely not good at it. It was a weekday and I was swiping on Tinder. I came across a pretty cute guy. He was my type, built tall, not overly handsome. Naturally, I swiped right and we matched! Getting matches always excites me. Even if I don't ever talk to them or go out with them, it's nice just to be noticed (especially when they call you pretty!). This guy caught my attention though, and when he messaged me telling me I was beautiful, I just HAD to respond. We talked a short while and he was sweet and not boring like some other men that had been messaging me. If you can't tell, I'm really not into boring guys. I gave him my number and we texted back and forth for about a week until he finally asked me out on a date. He lived about an hour from me, but he was willing to make the drive, so I said sure.

I was 18 when all this happened and I was living in Milledgeville. I was a freshman in college so I lived in the dorms. He was set to show up around 7:30, so I started getting ready around 6pm. I distinctly remember contemplating wearing heals or flats and right as I was about to walk out the door, I chose flats. Remember this, okay. Remember that I chose to wear flats. He texted me to say he was there. Not the most gentlemanly thing to do, but I lived in a dorm, and it's not like he could just walk in.

I walked outside, and as I turned the corner to the parking lot I saw him leaning up against his car. I kid you not, I had to stop my chin before it fell to the ground. I almost turned around and walked back inside. But he had already seen me, so it was too late. I was going on this date no matter what now.

He looked nothing like his pictures! He was a solid 5 inches shorter than me, drove a piece of shit Mazda, sagged his pants, and he smelled (NOT GOOD). Just from one look at him I knew that this was just a free dinner sort of date. I am so glad I wore flats. Now, I'm not usually one to judge a book by its cover, but I have standards and from what I could see, I had seriously let my standards go. The date only plummeted from there.

We drove to a little bar in downtown Milledgeville, not one of my favorites, but he wasn't from the area so he didn't know. But he didn't even ask me to see if I wanted to go somewhere else. We took up residence at a booth in the back corner of the joint. He stared at me the whole time I looked at my menu and didn't even try to make conversation. We had a pretty silent date from then on out. I would try and try to make conversation with him. Most of the responses I got were "cool," "Oh, yeah," "uh, yeah, I like that, too." And when he did speak, it was like the pity party showed up. He would talk about his ex girlfriend, or how his job sucked, or how his life sucked. I mean, not a single positive word came out of his mouth. Like I said earlier, I'm not a fan of boring people.

Now, I like gentlemen. On the first date, I expect you to pay the bill and hold the door open for me. I like when you ask about me and make conversation. I don't like when your pants hang from your ankles, or when you use negative terminology, or when you stare at me for so long it makes me uncomfortable, not special. I payed my own bill, and he drove me home. He tried so hard to kiss me goodnight. So hard, in fact, that when he leaned in, I unbuckled and was out the door faster than Road Runner. He followed me to my door and tried once again to kiss me goodnight, and by the luck of God another kid walked into the dorm and I slipped out of his side hug and through the door.

For the next week he messaged me every single day. I just ignored him. No way I was going on another date with that man. Eventually, he gave up and I was finally free. I guess I could've blocked his number, but to this day I'm not really sure why I didn't. I don't think this is the worst date in history, but it was definitely #MyWorstDate.


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Bryanna Burshnick

I'm an aspiring writer, music believer, food endulger, and lover of life here to share my own experiences, ideas, advice, and beliefs!

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