My Worst Date
My Worst Date

My Worst Date

by Patrick Pimental 2 years ago in dating


My Worst Date


Almost everyone has bad dates. You can’t find your love on the very first date, maybe if you’re lucky.

Being a gay man isn’t easy. Nowadays, there are many gay men coming out, which is a good thing I guess.

Before I found the man I love I have gone through many many dates and honestly I remember each and every one of those dates. I’ve had good dates I’ve had okay dates and I’ve had one date that I consider a very bad date.

As some of you might know there is an app called Grindr. Now Grindr isn’t really for dating, people mostly use it for “getting together.” I used Grindr a lot and I’ve met really cool guys, I’ve met really nasty people, and I’ve met weird people.

One day I was on Grindr and I found this one guy, I won’t say his name. But he was that one guy. We talked for a few weeks and got to know each other. He was really nice and sweet. At the time I was in college and working a part-time job so I didn’t have much money. So, I really didn’t ask anyone to go on a date for that reason I would sometimes just wait for them to ask me.

Well this one guy, we talked for awhile and one day he asked me if I wanted to go on a date with him. I said yes, obviously. We met up later that evening at California Pizza Kitchen, he suggested it, and I’ve never been there.

We got there started talking and talking then we ordered and everything, ate, and at the end the waitress came and asked about the check. I thought since he asked me to go on a date that he would pay. Well when the waitress asked he said “split check.”

I looked at him like “Really, you cheap ass!”

I did pay for myself. It wasn’t much just like fifteen bucks. So we walked out and we talked in the parking lot for a few minutes.

He then asked if I wanted to go to his house. I should have said no but I didn’t. I followed him to his house in a beautiful neighborhood, he had a nice house, I was honestly surprised, especially for his age to have a nice house.

We went upstairs and watched a movie, we laid there talking and he started to kiss me. I knew what he really wanted, which made me laugh because I wasn’t going to, especially after what happened on our “date.”

I kept trying to change the subject of him wanting to “get together.” Good thing he caught on after awhile. If he would have paid for the date he invited me on, then it would have been a whole different story, but no.

After that I told him I had to go. He told me to text him after but I never did. That’s not a real man to me.

So that’s my worst date I’ve had. Now, I have someone who I really love and we have been together for awhile and I don’t see me dating or seeing anyone else besides my man now.

Thank you!

Patrick Pimental
Patrick Pimental
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